one. linen tee
three. crochet top
seven. square tee

Summer is right around the corner, at least here in LA. I'm finding myself lacking and very much in need of some casual tops suitable for warm weather. I think It's always more fun buying a fancy top, but they rarely get as much ware. At least in my closet. 


one. 3.1 phillip lim silk top
two. suno shirtdress
three. steven alan celeste jacket
four. girl. by band of outsiders shorts
five. grape bikini
six. club monaco cameron shirt
seven. travel umbrella
eight. sidewalk skimmer

I tend to be a neutrals kind of gal, with a little bit of stripes and polka dots thrown in. But this spring I find myself being drawn to a lot of prints. What about you, is this a look you'd try, or do you like to stick to the basics?


one. wyeth chair $1,530
two. organic root mirror $330
three. dotted trellis pillow $80
four. geometric notebook $18
five. soapstone globe $368
six. john vogel bench $499
seven. crafted plate $40 for 4
eight. five beacons lamp $498
nine. moroccan stool $129

Maybe it's all of these chilly, overcast days we've been having, but I'm loving the wintery combination of grey and wood. Grey can be cold at times, but mixed with natural wooden pieces in the home immediately makes it more inviting. 


1. 1942 Constellation Map $25
2. Constellation Globe $39
3. Constellation Plates $34
4. Orion Constellation Embroidery Kit $20
5. Constellation Map $49

I've been seeing constellations pop up on all kinds of things lately. I love reading my astrology report each month at Astrologyzone, but mostly just for entertainment. I have a hard time believing how the stars align could change the course of my life and it's happenings, but sometimes it's spookily true. I also relate to pretty much all the characteristics of my sign. Do you believe things that happen in life are "in the stars", or just random events? 


Today's guest post is from my friend Lauren Spencer King- an insanely talented artist and blogger at The Sphinx & The Milkyway.  I asked her to share some of her most "wanted" items. Thanks for stopping by Lauren! 

1. ACNE Printed Silk-Chiffon Shirt $175
2. Samma Shapley Necklace $254
3. Equilateral Nails $72
4. Dosa Wallet $64
5. Beach House Bloom Vinyl & MP3 $24.99
6. Pierre Hardy Cube Mask Sandal $589
7. Marble Trivet $80
8. Printed Scarf by Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre
9. Tauba Auerbach Pop-Up Book

Hi lovely Sweet Thing readers! I am very happy to share with you some things I have been eyeing and enjoying lately. I call this list "Soft Geometry". As I was grouping together this collection I was trying to get to the bottom of why I am attracted to things that are both soft and geometric. I couldn't put my finger on it until I started looking around my studio and it became so clear. I love the play between things that are both hard and soft, and it is so evident in my work, it only makes sense that I am attracted to these same things outside the studio as well. It all started with one of my favorite artists, Tauba Aurebach, and her pop-up book: delicate paper is brought to life and given structure when the book is opened. I also adore the work of milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre, and this scarf in particular is so beautiful, it's called the Calder: dusty shaded shapes and graphic lines dance together on silk. This love of opposing forces even translates into music. I have been listening nonstop to the new Beach House album, Bloom: in my favorite song their melodic voices sing about the magic of the mineral lapis lazuli. 
Thank you Jessie for inviting me to guest post!


one. tucker silk dress $259
two. mara hoffman bikini $195
three. zebra basket $88
four. genevieve gorder tribe rug
five. colorful pattern necklace $14.80
six. rebecca minkoff printed jacket $378
seven.  prism pillow $39
eight. loeffler randall dita pump $425
nine. symbology trivet $24

Some pretty, patterned things that have recently caught my eye.


Shakuhachi Stripe Bikini $221
Eames Molded Plastic Chair $399
Wood Bead Necklace DIY
EXOS Brass IPhone Case $215
Loeffler Randall Nadia Bootie $395
Vintage Mid Century Gold Glasses $69

Right now I'm finding myself drawn to blacks, neutrals and gold tones for both fashion and the home. I do like little pops of color, but let's face it- I am more of a neutrals girl. These are just a few of the pieces I can't get out of my head.


Large Ash Cutting Board $32
Sea Measuring Cups $19
Cake Stand $49.95
Bodum Chambord French Press $49.95

When the temperature drops I can't stay out of the kitchen. I love to make meals at home and entertain friends. When you have open shelving and limited storage space like I do, beautiful serving pieces and kitchen accessories need to be both functional and decorative. These pieces are both.  


one. Kitamura Cabinet $1,598
two. Long Arm Chandelier $299
three. Antique Arrow Weathervane $695
four. Nanette Lepore Ponderous Dress $298
five. Lulu Frost Arrow Necklace $384
six. Rachel Comey Mars Combo Boot $420
seven. Hudson Weekender $425
eight. Medusa Forest Cheese Board $148

These are a few sweet things i'm lusting after this week. A girl can dream right?!

How has your week been so far? This week has been jam packed, but in the best way. On tuesday my photos of Amber and her gorgeous home were on Glitter Guide, yesterday I was on Emma Dime as one of her "lovely ladies", and my Flashdance inspired hair tutorial is up on Glitter Guide today. If you're rocking 80's for Halloween this year it's a must see!   


one. Helix Wall Mounted Bookcase $199
two. Tomiyama Koichi Walnut Lamp $275
three. Kenton Sorensen Ipad Portfolio $200
four. 365 Calendar $19.99
five. Earnaness Chair $2,200
six. Oji Masanori Brass Tray $440
seven. Nendo Corona Globe $98
eight. Pendleton Blanket $128 

Just a few things that would look quite nice in my house. Since I work mostly from home, decorating and making my space aesthetically pleasing is extremely important to me. I have always been someone who can't focus on work, etc. unless my house is clean, well put together and reflects me. When it's not, I feel totally chaotic. I'm sure I sound a little intense, but believe it or not my sometimes OCD tendencies have lessened as I have gotten older. What about you, do you get consumed with your space being a certain way? 


Crosby Library Table $1,020
Turkish Fouta $48.82
Antiqued Gem Mirror $299
Caravan Rug $299

It's just starting to feel fall like in LA and I am loving every minute of it. My house is a fall house, or at least people tend to say that. During the colder months I want to stay in and entertain more, which is probably why my home feels autumnal. It's when I end up nesting the most. What about you, does your home feel like a particular season?  


1. Mesh Chair $350
2. Silver Lining Chair $149
3. Herman Miller Swag Leg Chair $499
4. Acapulco Chair $532.61
5. James Side Chair $79

Do you have a favorite? I'll take one of each please! Good thing mixing and matching chairs in your home has an eclectic, I just picked these up at the flea market look that I love. And I love ANYTHING that means more chairs. If I gave in to my chair obsession I would probably have a house filled with them-- not very practical.  


Here are a few things I am loving for the home this fall...

Mustard Suzani Napkin $12
Moroccan Wedding Blanket $350

Fall is just around the corner, can you feel it? I'm sure for some of you {not in LA} fall weather has already begun. Lucky! I have already ordered this coat from ASOS in an attempt to will colder temps this way.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going wine tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley with one of my girlfriends. Just for one night, but I am so looking forward to tasting delicious wine and having some girl time! I'll make sure to take photos and tell you all about it next week. Happy Weekend! xx   


1. Uma Cable-Knit Marino Sweater $250
2. Jagz Midi Velvet Skirt $400
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Fur Trench $500
4. Hutton Tie Trouser $168
5. Charmed Ring Set $28
6. Arrowdrop Bracelet $28
7. The Perfect Pennyloafer $168
8. Adrianna Satin Pumps $275
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chevron Velvet Clutch $280
10. The Leather Transport Tote $148

Right now I am drawn to anything in the tone of falling autumn leaves. I just can't get enough rust, burnt orange and cognac. I am an earth sign after all. These colors feel so rich and comforting. They also look so chic paired with brights like cranberry or teal. What colors will you be rocking this fall?