Look 1

Look 2

Lately I find myself very drawn to classic and timeless fashion. Pieces that can be mixed and matched a thousand different ways and can be easily dressed up with a brightly colored lip and some sparkly jewels.


1. Uma Cable-Knit Marino Sweater $250
2. Jagz Midi Velvet Skirt $400
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Fur Trench $500
4. Hutton Tie Trouser $168
5. Charmed Ring Set $28
6. Arrowdrop Bracelet $28
7. The Perfect Pennyloafer $168
8. Adrianna Satin Pumps $275
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chevron Velvet Clutch $280
10. The Leather Transport Tote $148

Right now I am drawn to anything in the tone of falling autumn leaves. I just can't get enough rust, burnt orange and cognac. I am an earth sign after all. These colors feel so rich and comforting. They also look so chic paired with brights like cranberry or teal. What colors will you be rocking this fall? 


I went crazy for the J. Crew fall lookbook and I know I am not alone. Now that most of these items are in stores, I thought I would share four of my favorite looks and just some of the pieces I am lusting after for fall. Now if only I could get my hands on that green trench {look 3}, since it is nowhere to be found...


The new issue of Lonny Magazine is out and you know what that means...Lonny Inspiration time! This time around, I thought I would add a "get the look" section, so you too can emulate your favorite style. 

It's no secret that I have a lot of love for J. Crew, so it was no surprise that I was most drawn to their menswear designer Frank Muytjens New York abode. It is perfectly masculine and captures the vintage-modern aesthetic J. Crew does so well...

Get The Look...

1.Large Hicks Pendant $420
2.Henry Sofa $899
3.Carrol Bench $199
10.Blow Up Poster $9.99
13.Vintage Office Chair {on Ebay} current bid $20.50
17.iMac $1,199


It seems lately, more than any magazine, the J. Crew catalog has been delivering some serious fashion inspiration. It's the mixture of textures, colors, feminine, and tomboyish touches. Don't get me started on that perfect red lip, matching nails and the slightly messy hair. I can't stop looking at these photos! If only the J. Crew stylists could come over and style me everyday...


Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July! I'm on Martha's Vineyard and it is so lush and gorgeous. The weather has been perfect. When I am on the island I can't help but notice the preppy New England look, the J Crew catalog look-a-like, I sail and play lacrosse in my free time, salmon pink wearing style. At least half the Island dresses that way and I must say, I kind of love it. You never see that in Los Angeles. The other half of the Island is a mixture of styles, a little hippie, a little Jackie O. and a little sporty. Here is a round up of Martha's Vineyard inspired fashion and accessories from all sides of the island...

Clockwise from top left: Milly Hostess Dress $375, Levi's 501 Cutoffs $50, Madewell Slouchy Sweats $58, Linen Tuxedo Shirt $69.50


I am always happy to open my mailbox and find the newest J. Crew catalog (maybe its the photos, or the way it makes me want to wear peach).  I am even more happy to read what Dodai Stewart has to say about it on She makes me giggle and I want to be her friend.

Although I don't think I will be pulling off sock's with sandals, or a pair of overalls this spring, here are a couple of sweet things I will be purchasing...

I love these A.R. Trapp troubadour sunglasses. I can't tell if I would look ridiculous in them. I really just want to look like this model on the front of the J. Crew spring style tips.
I was thrilled to hear Fenton/Fallon was teaming up with J. Crew to create a more affordable line of jewelry. This collection has the perfect mix of punky and girlie. The Carrington crystal chains necklace is $175 and I must have it!