1. Antoinette Bookends $47.82
2. Lichen Branch $9, Hobie Vase $28
3. Burke Lamp $249, Black Linen Lamp Shade $19.99
4. Piccadilly Chair $895
5. Succulents $2.99
6. Maison Canopy Bed $889
7. Murray Feiss Chandelier $319

I'm completely in love with John Derian's New York apartment, including his tranquil and almost Parisian looking bedroom. Here's how you can get a similar look in your own home. 


1. Navy Riviera Armchair
2. Abbot Pendant
3. Bungalow Mirror 
4. Foutah Oversized Towel 
5. Moroccan Leather Pouf
6. Senegalese Storage Baskets
7. Amana Brass Bath Collection

Serena & Lily is one of my favorite online shops. They always has such a well curated selection of furniture and home accessories. Starting today they're having a friends and family sale and everything on the site is 20% off {with code SHARE20}. It might finally be time to order those gorgeous Senegalese baskets or that french bisto chair I've been eyeing.  



For many of you it's getting cold enough to start cozying up by the fire. I love the way firewood looks stacked inside the home. It not only keeps the wood dry but it's perfect for city dwellers who don't have access to a backyard. Would you try this look at home, or do you prefer to keep your wood outside? 


1. Industrial Pendant $73
2. BEC Britain SHY 02 $9,200
3. Orbit 40 Chandelier $565
4. David Weeks Cross Cable Mobile {contact for price}
5. Work Lamp $120
6. Etch Pendant $375
7. Satellite 3 $249
8. Hendrix Pendant Light $275 

A light fixture adds so much personality and visual interest to a room, whether it's a statement chandelier or a simple pendant. These are just a few I've been swooning over, in every price range. 


1. Souk Rug $399 for 5x8
2. Salad Servers $14
3. Serving Bowl $34 
4. Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters $19-$69
5. Kilim Pouf $249
6. Boerum Dining Table $599
7. Hammam Stripe Hand Towel $8 each
8. Gold Flatware $29 for set of 5

Happy new year everyone! Have you checked out West Elm recently? There are so many new items I am loving right now. Now that there is a West Elm store so close to me, I can feel a trip coming on soon. I tend to get in a nesting mode after the holidays, which probably has something to do with the extra pounds I undoubtedly gain (did gain). I have been on a practically all vegetable diet since, but for now I am less interested in dressing myself and more interested in making my house look cute. Anyone else?  


I am so excited to introduce this new addition to the blog, where I will be sharing beautiful homes and inspirational spaces. For my first post I will take you inside the home of my dear friend Kate Danson {you might remember her sweetest day}. Kate is an actress and a photographer who lives in LA with her husband Jesse and their adorable pup, Birdie. Kate has always had an eye for style and I am consistently amazed by the ease in which she mixes and matches eras. I had far too much fun photographing every corner of her home. Please enjoy... 

What is your design aesthetic and how has it evolved though out the years?
When I was younger, most of my furniture consisted of hand me downs that I would mix with flea market finds and collected objects. Since moving into a modern house,  my style has changed quite a bit. I still have lots of flea market pieces that I've held onto over the years, but now I mix them with modern pieces. I've started to love how it looks, it makes the house feel cozy and warm.

Does your taste in fashion meld with your taste in home decor?
It does! I've never even thought about it but the truth is that it does. I love vintage clothing and still have a few hippie dresses that I wear quite a bit. But I also love contemporary designers and more tailored/modern shapes. Freaky.

What are the 5 items you cherish the most in your home and why? 
1. Pink corduroy Sofa. It was one of the first things my husband and I bought together for our new house and we both instantly fell in love with it.  For him it was more about the corduroy and for me it was the pink!

2. Orange Moroccan Rug. The cabinets in our house are orange and we almost repainted them... what we were thinking I'll never know! It has sparked a serious love affair with all things orange and the rug is the object in our house that I love most. I've always fantasized about going to Turkey or Morocco to buy rugs, so this rug is functioning as a sort place holder until that fantasy of mine can be realized.

3. White Leather Bent Wood Chair. I bought this chair years ago at the Rose Bowl for nothing. It was the first piece of furniture that I bought for myself in college and really I can't imagine ever falling out of love with it.

4. Horse Painting. I subleased an apartment years ago that had the most amazing western horse portrait hanging in the living room.  For years I searched high and low for a painting like it and came up empty handed.  Being all too familiar with this horse portrait obsession of mine, my husband ended up tracking down this painting and surprised me with it on my birthday.

5. Record Collection. I have a great collection of 78's that were once my maternal grandfather's, mostly jazz and classical, as well as my parents old records that they listened to in the 70's.  I feel so lucky to have them and love listening to them whenever I get the chance.

What was the hardest item to find for your home?
Actually, the hardest item, I still haven't found yet...good dining room chairs. We bought our chairs at West Elm and they're great but they're not quite right. The search continues.

What are your favorite places to shop for your home, both stores and online?
I like looking online at 1stdibs, Design Within Reach, and Lawson and Fenning for inspiration, and occasional purchases. I've found some great things at West Elm like chairs and rugs. Of course the Rose Bowl flea market is amazing if you're not looking for anything in particular. That's when I've found the most unexpected pieces. There's a furniture store on Abbot Kinney called Surfing Cowboys that has amazing vintage furniture from the 60's and 70's. Another great store is Mohawk General Store in Silverlake- they have great ceramics and light fixtures, not to mention clothes and jewelry.

{photo of kate by juan iglesias, all the rest by me}



I keep finding myself drawn to dark colored spaces. There is something mysterious and slightly cinematic about them. Hints of warm wood tones and bright colors make them feel more welcoming. I don't think I would do my whole house like this but I love the idea of just one room or even a wall. What about you, would you try this in your home?

Happy weekend! xo


one. Helix Wall Mounted Bookcase $199
two. Tomiyama Koichi Walnut Lamp $275
three. Kenton Sorensen Ipad Portfolio $200
four. 365 Calendar $19.99
five. Earnaness Chair $2,200
six. Oji Masanori Brass Tray $440
seven. Nendo Corona Globe $98
eight. Pendleton Blanket $128 

Just a few things that would look quite nice in my house. Since I work mostly from home, decorating and making my space aesthetically pleasing is extremely important to me. I have always been someone who can't focus on work, etc. unless my house is clean, well put together and reflects me. When it's not, I feel totally chaotic. I'm sure I sound a little intense, but believe it or not my sometimes OCD tendencies have lessened as I have gotten older. What about you, do you get consumed with your space being a certain way? 


Here are a few things I am loving for the home this fall...

Mustard Suzani Napkin $12
Moroccan Wedding Blanket $350

Fall is just around the corner, can you feel it? I'm sure for some of you {not in LA} fall weather has already begun. Lucky! I have already ordered this coat from ASOS in an attempt to will colder temps this way.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm going wine tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley with one of my girlfriends. Just for one night, but I am so looking forward to tasting delicious wine and having some girl time! I'll make sure to take photos and tell you all about it next week. Happy Weekend! xx   



I can't seem to stop thinking about kitchens. Perhaps because fall is on it's way and there is something about the colder months that makes me want to cook at home rather then go out. Kitchens are also the center of our modern day homes. People always seem to flock there. I love the modern and somewhat rustic simplicity of a b&w kitchen. I think If I were to have the chance to design my own kitchen I'd like it to be mostly white with some black accents, or maybe even black cabinets like Jenna Lyon's kitchen {photo #4}. What about you, how would your dream kitchen look? 



I love that the butterfly chair is both minimal and playful at the same time. I've been seeing them used a lot in design lately, but that might because I can't get them out of my head. It might be a sentimental thing, since the first piece of furniture I truly owned was a leopard butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters. It came with me to boarding school, but I must have gotten rid of it somewhere between graduation and college. Ah well, I just might have to hit up Urban outfitters once again, this time for more grown up leather version


1. French Industrial Coffee Table on sale for $519.20
2. Lindo Dining Table $2,998
3. Plank House Coffee Table $598
4. Industrial Loft Coffee Table $449
5. Durham Cocktail Table $359
6. Darjeeling Dining Table $899

Last week I was loving tufted sofas and this week it's industrial tables. To be honest I've been loving industrial tables for a while now, even my coffee table is in this style. Mine being on the more affordable side at $225 on sale {see it in my house here}. What do you think? Do you love this style, or do you think it's a passing trend?


It's time to take a deep breath 'cause the weekend's here! I find that on particularly busy or stressful weeks it's important to take a moment and think about all the little things bringing a smile to my face. Last weekend while my guy was away I got so  many things checked off my to-do list, which for this virgo resulted in lots of smiles. My office/dressing room finally started to come together thanks to a few new additions. Now all I need is a tall bookshelf, the Moroccan pouf I ordered from Joss & Main, and this garment rack I hired a friend to build. I can't wait to share the finished product with you all. For today, here's a little photographic sneak peak in to my life of late and a few more things bringing me smiles...

  • Wire and paperclips holding up what's inspiring me right now on my office wall {thanks to lauren's suggestion}.

  • My bestie Teissia, who recently moved to New York City in town for the week. There is nothing better then morning trips to starbucks and late night chats with a dear friend.  

  • Ingredients for my favorite cocktail the 19th Century: bourbon, créme de cacao, lillet rouge and lemon juice. 

  • A set of graphic thank you cards from Target. Sending a card means so much, especially these days when most correspondence is through the Internet. 
Do you have anything fun planed this weekend? I plan on spending time with my friend and house guest Teissia, taking a bike ride and cooking meals in my sweet house. See you next week! Happy Weekend! xx


2. Selby Sofa $1,599
4. Avec Pewter Sofa $1,299
6. Petrie Sofa $1,699

Whether it's a chesterfield or a more clean lined sofa I can't seem to get enough tufts. See pins here, here and here. Tufted furniture feels both modern and classic- exactly the look I love. What do you think? Is this a style you love or hate? 



I thought I'd do a masculin + féminin post again, this time with interiors. I think the same thing goes for fashion as for the home- I like to mix and match. I tend to be drawn more towered more masculine spaces, but I love feminine details and colors. What about you, do you lean more toward one than another?

Any fun plans for the weekend? After this stressful week, the boy and I are hoping to drive up to my parents house in Ojai. It's sure to be gorgeous weather and I would just love to get away, even for a night. Crossing my fingers it works out. 

Happy Weekend! See you back here next week! xx


While flipping through the latest Elle Decor on my flight to Martha's Vineyard, I couldn't help but be drawn in by rustic farm house of restauranteur Keith Mcnally. As I read more I realized this house was IN Martha's Vineyard, just a few minutes away from my family's home. No wonder this home spoke to me. The reclaimed wood, the bistro chairs and the unfussy feel are just a few reasons why I wouldn't mind moving right in...
{photos by simon upton for elle decor}


I'm interrupting regularly scheduled "my sweetest day" to take some time and draw some new city maps. Oh yeah, that means there might be a sweet day coming to your fine city. Until then, I thought I would put together a little beach inspired, design round-up. Can you tell I've got summer on the brain? This delightfully perfect weather we've been having has got me dreaming of a beach house, or at least decorating my house to look like one...
10. Bungalow Mirror $595
11. Sumba Stool $98

What are you up to this weekend? We are headed to see the Tune-Yards and Sister Crayon play at the Troubadour on Saturday. Can't wait! 

Happy Weekend xx


Things have been more than busy over here, between getting ready for the launch of Glitter Guide, moving the boyfriend in, doing photo gigs, blogging and trying to keep up any semblance of a life. But guess what? I kind of love it and It's important to remember that. Ok, I don't love how some days I am lucky if I get to brush my hair, but I love spending my days doing exactly what I feel passionate about. But don't get me wrong, it's not always a passion/inspiration-fest. Sometimes I have "bloggers block" and nothing seems to get me going and other times I feel like I might explode I have so many ideas. And every now and then, I just don't have time to make my ideas come to life. That is kind of what I am dealing with now. So please bare with me for the next week until we launch. For today, here is a little photographic look into my life of late, and the sweet things that are reminding me to smile...

  • My favorite flower- peonies, brightening up my living room along side "my issue" of Martha Stewart Weddings
  • Macaroons from our double date night at Bottega Louie and First Fridays at the Natural History Museum. My favorite flavors are salty caramel and rosewater. 
  • A little vignette on my entry table, greeting me when I come home.
  • Summer fruit, like apricots that have started filling up my kitchen.
  • His clothes. A reminder that the boy actually lives with me now! {big smiles on that one}
  • My new office/dressing room. So far from being decorated but already has changed my life having a proper work space. 
  • My new clothing rack {a stand-in until I find the right one}. It has been so amazing having space to get dressed and to be able to see my clothes! I have re-fallen in love with clothes I forgot I had. Now I just need a dresser so I can show you the other half of the room. Right now it's just a messy pile of clothes. 
  • A fun discovery in the back of my garage. Some photos of me taken by my father, draped in my grandmother's costume jewelry. Yes I was a glitter girl even then. {i also had just woken up, hence my awesome hair}
  • The beginnings of my inspiration board that will hang behind my desk and keep me feeling creative. Now I just have to figure out how to hang them all. Ideas???