Photo of Danielle Moss' apartment via Rue Magazine Jan 2012
{styling by Alaina Kaczmarsk, photos by John Stoffer}

1. Wire Cube Shelves $79.95
2. Honey $12
3. Honey Dipper $7.99
4. Lotus Dinnerware $4-10
5. Paper Straws $9.43
6. Weck Jar Set $18
7. San Pellegrino Sparkling Water $5.99
8. Turkish Towel $34.50

I completely fell in love with Danielle Moss' Chicago apartment in the latest issue of Rue and those adorably styled shelves in her kitchen. It's making me feel inspired to get my own open shelving in order.  


Large Ash Cutting Board $32
Sea Measuring Cups $19
Cake Stand $49.95
Bodum Chambord French Press $49.95

When the temperature drops I can't stay out of the kitchen. I love to make meals at home and entertain friends. When you have open shelving and limited storage space like I do, beautiful serving pieces and kitchen accessories need to be both functional and decorative. These pieces are both.  



I can't seem to stop thinking about kitchens. Perhaps because fall is on it's way and there is something about the colder months that makes me want to cook at home rather then go out. Kitchens are also the center of our modern day homes. People always seem to flock there. I love the modern and somewhat rustic simplicity of a b&w kitchen. I think If I were to have the chance to design my own kitchen I'd like it to be mostly white with some black accents, or maybe even black cabinets like Jenna Lyon's kitchen {photo #4}. What about you, how would your dream kitchen look?