one. Helix Wall Mounted Bookcase $199
two. Tomiyama Koichi Walnut Lamp $275
three. Kenton Sorensen Ipad Portfolio $200
four. 365 Calendar $19.99
five. Earnaness Chair $2,200
six. Oji Masanori Brass Tray $440
seven. Nendo Corona Globe $98
eight. Pendleton Blanket $128 

Just a few things that would look quite nice in my house. Since I work mostly from home, decorating and making my space aesthetically pleasing is extremely important to me. I have always been someone who can't focus on work, etc. unless my house is clean, well put together and reflects me. When it's not, I feel totally chaotic. I'm sure I sound a little intense, but believe it or not my sometimes OCD tendencies have lessened as I have gotten older. What about you, do you get consumed with your space being a certain way?