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I'm not usually a dangly earring type. I much prefer the simplicity of my Lena Wald pyramid studs that I've worn every day for 7 years. However, for a special occasion, like the wedding I'm a bridesmaid in coming up, with it's old Hollywood vibe; these are just what I'm looking for. Also the price is just so good. Which are your favorites?


Sweet. Maslo Cocktail Ring $28
Sweeter. Maslo Ice Earrings $28
Sweetest. Maslo Risico Necklace $168

Since it's Christmas Eve I thought I would give you something sparkly. I braved the crowds the other day and did some last minute shopping. You wouldn't believe the long line of men at the jewelry counter. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. 

Wishing you all a very merry, cozy night!


Sweet. Sherwood Ring $32
Sweeter. Piled Triangles Ring $298
Sweetest. A.L.C. Pearl Cage Ring $395

I love the way rings look alone or stacked on a finger. Sadly rings are far from flattering on my chubby little hands, but that doesn't stop me from admiring them. Which is your favorite? 

How was your weekend? My short time in Ojai was really nice. The garage sale/fundraiser was a big success and it felt so good to see so many of my things get a new home and a new life. I rushed back to LA saturday to see Alt-J at the Bootleg. What a show. Their sound is so unique and I was blown away by how good they sound live. If you haven't heard them already- these guys are worth a listen. 


one. tucker silk dress $259
two. mara hoffman bikini $195
three. zebra basket $88
four. genevieve gorder tribe rug
five. colorful pattern necklace $14.80
six. rebecca minkoff printed jacket $378
seven.  prism pillow $39
eight. loeffler randall dita pump $425
nine. symbology trivet $24

Some pretty, patterned things that have recently caught my eye.


Sweet. Gold Tipped Collar Necklace $26.86
Sweeter. Laser Cut Collar $32
Sweetest. Preciously Metal Necklace $458

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We got back from Palm Springs on Friday night and I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. It makes me feel slightly indulgent, but I needed a few days of relaxing at home to recover from our trip. We had such a wonderful time and I have lots of photos to edit. I can't wait to share them with you. 


Sweet. House of Harlow 1960 Triangle Cuff $70
Sweeter. Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede Wedge $350
Sweetest. Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag $825

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Oscars? I watched with a couple girlfriends and a glass of wine. A perfect Sunday evening really. My fashion favorites were Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara. What about you?  


Sweet. Arrow Gift Tags $10
Sweeter. Arrow Cuff $60
Sweetest. Arrow Pillow $89

Last week was quite a week and I admit it got the best of me. As you all know it isn't like me to not make time for blogging, but I was just juggling too much. Anyway, I am back and ready to get back in the groove. How was you're weekend? Mine was absolutely perfect. I finished my cleanse/diet on Sunday and spent the day wondering the city indulging in a delicious food and coffee. 


2. Dots Within Blouse $118
3. Nell's Compass South Candle $38
4. Madewell Cutout Shirt Dress $158
5. Dannijo Cato Ring $150
6. Emerald Fade Heels $428
7. Green Animal Print Playsuit $100

Green seems to be "the" color this fall. I am seeing it everywhere and in every shade. I have always loved green because I think it suits my fair skin and dark hair, but there is a shade out there for everyone. My favorite top right now is an emerald colored Vena Cava I got on Gilt. I can't stop wearing it! I've been pairing it with a orangy-red lip and black high-waisted trousers. I'll make sure to photograph it for the blog soon. Do you have a favorite shade of green or do you stay away from it altogether?   


This Spring I am on the look out for statement necklaces. I love them paired with a simple dress or  even a t-shirt. They immediately make any outfit look pulled together...

2. Dannijo Veruschka Bone Necklace on sale for $207.50
9. Boudoir Necklace $79.50


Both my sister and I love anything in the shape of a triangle or pyramid. Maybe it's my parent's Egypt honeymoon photos we looked through growing up.While recently looking for triangle shaped jewelry for my sister's birthday present, I came across this lovely ring (which I ended up buying for her)...

Once I found the ring for my sister, I started to see triangles everywhere! I guess it was on my radar. There is some amazing triangle printed clothing and triangle shaped jewelry out there. My sister and I must not be alone...

1. Sandstone Earrings $130, 2. Big Bang Vivienne Stud Earrings on sale for $83.41, 3. Alexis Bittar Black Pyramid Earrings $95, 4. Sacred Images Earrings $76, 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pyramid Studs $32, 6. House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Drop Earrings $88
7. Triangle Necklace by The Harbinger Company $72, 8. Two Finger Ring $18, 9. Equilateral Necklace $42, 10. Envelope Necklace Low Luv X Erin Wasson $113, 11. By Orion Necklace $101, 12. Sun Signals Necklace $140, 13. Energy as Matter Necklace $80, 14. Canyon Lands Body Chain$135, 15. River Chants Necklace $95
     16. Vena Cava for Aqua Triangle Dress $158, 17. Mara Hoffman Pyramid Gray Drape Back Gown $830, 18. Triangle Tron Poncho Tee $28, 19. Vena Cava Sinew Triangle Cutout Blouse $325, 20. Vena Cava Quillow Sweater $240, 21. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Slouchy Pyramid Top $92

22. Triangle Tea Towel $15, 23. Modern Pyramid Bookends $48


We have all heard of the healing properties of crystals. Not only have I seen them in the home, like these from The Selby...
Ive been seeing a lot of crystal jewelry too. Like this one on The Glamourai... 
 I'm loving the raw texture of the crystals. They make me want to wear Mara Hoffman and take a road trip to New Mexico...
Clockwise from top left: Gypsy Love Necklace $15, Quartz Pendant $42,  Amethyst Pendant $95, Quartz Ring $22

Until next week my loves
Happy Weekend!!! xx


If you read Sweet Thing, I think it is clear by now that I love all things chevron. Examples here and here. I recently saw these two chevron items on shopbop and immediately added them to my wish list. Although, I might have to wait for them to go on sale. Sigh...

Loving the deco-ish clasp, and the attached chain strap!

This combines two of my favorite things, chevron and feathers. And it's the perfect length!


On my first day back in Martha's Vineyard my mom and I took a trip to the Chilmark Flea Market. I totally lucked out in the jewelry department... 
wampanoag friendship bracelets $2
vintage snake bracelet for $5
*chrysoprase and freshwater pearl necklace $40
chan Luu wrap bracelet
gold feather necklace made by my sister
other bracelets first seen here
gorjana ring first seen here
wendy mink ring
arrow ring first seen here
501 cutoffs and hat from urban outfitters
tank from j. crew
jeffrey campbell oxfords first seen here

Happy Weekend!