A few weeks ago I got to spend two wonderful days at the Ojai Rancho Inn with a group of 30 creative women, put together by the ladies behind Bash, Please, Fiore Beauty and The Life Styled. It was a sort of grown up version of Girl Scout Camp. We sat by the pool, drank Tacate, went on a hike and talked about life and business. I came away feeling relaxed, inspired and with so many new friendships. I'm ready to go back!


I'm back from the east coast and going through photos of what was a very inspiring and fun few weeks of travel. I have lots of photos to share with you, but for now, here is a sneak peak of Girl Scout Camp in Ojai. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the photos. 


one. reverse denim weekender
two. steven alan mayhew
three. tie front tanksuit
four. fuji instax mini
five. myrtis leather sandals
six. dear girls above me
seven. embroidered peasant top

On Monday I'm off to my hometown again if you can believe it, but this time It's sure to be a very different trip. I'm not there to work, or to see my family. More will be revealed later, but you can follow me on Instagram for what I am sure will be a photo filled few days. I can't wait to get some relaxation in and start reading my friend Charlie McDowell's new book Dear Girls Above Me


Well, these last few weeks have just flown by. Somehow it's almost summer and I can't believe it. I have all kinds of fun trips coming up to be excited for, like Boston, Maine, Martha's Vineyard and Palm Springs twice. I can hardly wait! I've been jonesing to get out of town lately, but with my schedule I haven't been able to make it happen. This past week I was up in my hometown of Ojai for a photo shoot and just as I was about to start driving home one of my appointments got canceled. I suddenly realized I didn't have a reason to come back to LA, at least for a few days, so I called some friends and they joined me for an impromptu Ojai sleep over. It was out of control fun and exactly what I needed. I didn't turn on my computer for four whole days. Unheard of. When I returned to LA the fun didn't stop because I had a friend's birthday to celebrate, a night planned picnicking and watching Clueless at the cemetery and an Arrested Development marathon to attend. All and all a very full and perfect long weekend if I do say so. How about you, what did you do this holiday weekend? Here is a little look at my life of late and a few of the sweet things making me smile...


I am so sorry I've not being able to update Sweet Thing much these days. If you're wondering why, it's really that I've gotten so busy with shoots that I just can't keep up. I have not taken a day off in over three weeks and trust me, I'm overwhelmed and exhausted. More on that another time, but I promise I'll be posting more often soon.

A few weeks ago I spent a few days in my hometown of Ojai, shooting stills for my friend, Charlie McDowell's film. This time of year is pure magic in Ojai, as all of the orange blossoms and flowers are in full bloom. It didn't hurt that we were filming on one of my most favorite properties in all of Ojai- belonging to his family. Sometimes I just can't believe how beautiful it is. I feel so very lucky to have grown up in a place such as this. 


I know I'm about a week late in posting these, but here are a few photos I took on Thanksgiving. We always spend Thanksgiving in Ojai, at the home of our dearest family friends. As I'm sure you can see, their home and property is stunningly gorgeous. The food, as always, was insanely good and the love around the table was palpable. It's not hard to see why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 


one. terrain bakeware $9-$31
two. carving set $69.95
three. smeg refrigerator $1,999
four. patent oxfords $165
five. sequin shorts $125
six. fair isle sweater $98
seven. gold wishbone $48

Tomorrow I'm heading to Ojai to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I'm feeling a little sassy these days and sequin shorts feel like a necessity. I really like them paired with a cozy sweater for a slightly toned down look. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday and I couldn't be more excited to spend a few days relaxing in the beautiful country and spending time with loved ones. I need a little time to decompress after all of these big life changes. Where are you headed for the holiday weekend? 


My time spent in Ojai was completely dreamy. Since Teissia was busy working and my other guests were late risers, I got to spend lots of time alone, taking in nature with my camera in hand. It was such a peaceful escape from the city. It reminded me how much I love living in Los Angeles and being so close to the desert, mountains, forests and ocean. Ojai is only an hour and a half away, but feels like another world. 

Some of my favorite places & things to do in Ojai:
The best chai ever at The Farmer and The Cook
Pastries at Knead 
Bart's Books
Boccali Ranch to pick out pumpkins 
Coffee at Coffee Roasting Co.
The farmer's market for the most gorgeous produce and bread
Sunsets on Meditation Mount
A stop at Modern Folk Living & Hattie
Driving through beautiful upper Ojai


Happy weekend! Any fun plans? I've been in Ojai one day and I am already starting to unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life. Both Teissia and I took our laptops outside and quietly worked under the oak trees while sipping rosé and listening to the water trickle from our fountain. Pretty much heaven. I sometimes wonder if I could ever live here again. Raise a family here. But then Los Angeles always draws me back in. The excitement, the restaurants, the people are all still too appealing for me to think of returning to small town life. Do you ever think about moving back to your hometown, or are you sure you'll never go back? 


One. Weekender Bag $95
Two. Gather Journal $19.99
Three. Sunpocket Sunglasses $65
Four. Knit Tunic $49.50
Five. Minnetonka Moccasins $39.95
Six. iPhone Rangefinder Case $55
Seven. Ammero Chaise $119

Today I'm headed back to Ojai {my hometown} for a much needed long weekend soaking up the country air. Actually my friend is in town from New York for a wedding she planned {in Ojai}, so it seemed like to perfect excuse to get some catch up time with her. It's supposed to be in the 80's all weekend, which hey I'll take it- anythings better than 100+. While I'm there I hope to have my favorite burrito at Casa De Lago, hike up to Meditation Mount, stop by Bart's Books and of course watch the awe-inspiring 'pink moment'.  You can as always follow my trip on instagram


These are a few more photos from thanksgiving in Ojai. The scenery varies so much for such a small town, It really feels magical. I feel so lucky to have grown up in a sweet place such as this. Of course I didn't always feel that way. Once I hit about 12 years old I couldn't wait to be old enough to move to a big city. I even spent my last few years of high school at a boarding school. Anything to leave this place. I am most definitely a city girl at heart, but I ache for the country from time to time. What about you? Are you more drawn to the city, the country, or do you need a little mixture of the two? 


Thanksgiving in Ojai was truly perfect. I was reminded that just an hour and a half north of LA there are fall colors to be found, the air smells sweet and childhood traditions are alive. Dinner was delicious- we enjoyed brined turkey and pumpkin tiramisu. My mom read us a poem she wrote on how thankful she is for all eighteen of us at the table {getting us all a little teary eyed}. As the sun started to set, we took a walk around the property and took in the landscape and the blooming fruit trees. Everything was so magnificent it was overwhelming really. And on what better day than Thanksgiving to be overwhelmed with natures beauty? We ended our night with wine by the fire and a game of celebrity. I feel thankful to be part of such a loving group of friends and family. You all made my day complete.     


The boy and I decided to drive up to the bay area last night to see both of his sister's and their new babies. I am so excited to spend the weekend cuddling with his one month and one week old nieces. Lucky me!
Speaking of babies, here is a little look at what I wore to Lilly's baby shower. It was 88 degrees in Ojai that day, so I decided to wear an old favorite- my leopard dress from Zara {you might remember it from the Glitter Guide Launch Party}. I love the quilted texture of the dress and the feminine shape. It is definitely one of those pieces you can dress up or down which always comes in handy...  
zara dress {first seen here}
old aldo oxfords {similar style}
bonlook glasses
target socks
madewell bracelet 

**photos by the lovely kate danson