I meant to post these photos last week, but this moving thing is really getting the best of me. I have so many photos from Lake Tahoe that I decided to split them up into two posts. While most of our friends skied or snowboarded, my friend Jacqui and I wandered around taking photos of the gorgeous scenery. Her boyfriend grew up nearby so he was also a very handy tour guide. While I've been to Lake Tahoe before, I've never been in the wintertime and I must say it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. The sky is the most unreal shade of turquoise and the way the light hits the lake and the mountains is pure magic.


one. steven alan sweater $268
two. shapedrop earrings $24.99
three. camden satchel $228
four. patent slippers $89.90
five. morceau pant $150
six. field notes $14.99
seven. ballpoint pen $10
eight. fdr glasses $95

How is your holiday shopping going my dears? I have a few more little gifts to buy. While I do love shopping online, around the holidays I prefer shopping in stores with all their pretty decorations. Spending hours wandering around stores mean flats or comfy boots for me. A note pad is also helpful for staying organized. 


I know I'm about a week late in posting these, but here are a few photos I took on Thanksgiving. We always spend Thanksgiving in Ojai, at the home of our dearest family friends. As I'm sure you can see, their home and property is stunningly gorgeous. The food, as always, was insanely good and the love around the table was palpable. It's not hard to see why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 


one. velvet ribbon $8
two. ceramic gift tags $8
three. snowflake set $20
four. silver tree $68
five. loomed stocking $48
six. knit garland $24

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am finally feeling ready to get in the holiday spirit and maybe even decorate a little. I'm really loving this white and turquoise color scheme. Would you try it, or are you more of a traditional red and green kinda gal? 



Happy All Hallows' Eve! How will you be celebrating my friends? We'll be staying in to pass out candy to kids, sip cider and continue our scary movie-watching rampage. Whatever you end up doing stay safe (I can't wait to see costumes on instagram)!

To all my friends and family affected by hurricaine Sandy- you are in my constant thoughts. I love you and I'm sending you hugs. 


Sweet. Mini Mailbag $138
Sweeter. A.P.C. Striped Open-Knit Top $99
Sweetest. Starlighting Scarf $149.95

Since the 4th of July is only a few days away I had to do an American inspired Sweet Sweeter Sweetest. Usually I spend the 4th with my family in Martha's Vineyard, but this year James and I decided to go later in the month when things slow down slightly. This year we're going to be very American, and see a baseball game with friends to celebrate. I hear they put on quite a fun fireworks show that I am seriously looking forward to, along with cold beers and spending time with some of my favorite people. What are your plans? Do you have a yearly Independence Day tradition, or do you mix it up each year? 



With memorial day less than a week away, I am getting more and more comfortable saying the word summer. This spring in LA felt so magical that I am having a hard time letting go and excepting the hot months to come. But when I look at photos like these, or think about the fun trips we have planned I get slightly overwhelmed with excitement. Reading in the grass, bbq's with friends and longer days are a few of the things I am looking forward to. What about you, what are you looking forward to the most? 



What a week! I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't happy about it coming to a close. I took on a few too many things this week work wise and my health and sanity are paying for it. Even though I have work to do this weekend, I plan on taking a little time to relax and celebrate cinco de mayo. I could never say no to two of my favorite things, tortilla chips and tequila. Do you have any fun plans? 

Happy Weekend! xo


1. Wire Hare $69.95
2. Chevron Paper Napkins $7
3. Bamboo Tableware $7
4. Wire Hyacinth Basket $12
5. Robin's Egg Soaps $24
6. Chelsea Dining Table $499
7. The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes
8. Valentina Chair $179
9. Glass Beverage Dispenser $49.95

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Somehow it's April, which means Easter is just around the corner. Can you believe it?! Whether you're religious or not, I love the idea of having friends over for a potluck brunch. Set up a little Mimosa or Bloody Mary bar and you're good to go.  


It has been far too long since I've done a 'snapshots' post and I've missed it. Believe it or not I have more photos to share  from some of our desert outings. Yes I may have gone overboard, but The Ace deserved a post all it's own. Our two days at The Ace were amazing as always. It was fun to be there again, but this time with two of our friends- Phil and Afton. We did a lot of lounging by the pool, laughing until late at night and of course enjoyed our free bucket of beer {courtesy of the ace}. The weather couldn't have been dreamier at 83 degrees- yeah we totally lucked out.