h&m top and pants
vintage loafers 
vintage coach purse
nixon watch
madewell jewelry

I love these h&m pants. They've been a fun and daring {for me} addition to my spring wardrobe. Sadly I only got to wear this outfit for a few hours because it got way too hot for pants and long sleeves. But I'm glad we managed to get a few shots in first. 

I can't believe a week ago today we were driving back from Palm Springs. This week went by at lightening speed and I'm thrilled to be welcoming the weekend. But before I can enjoy a few days off, I've got a photo shoot for Glitter Guide today. Fun fun! 
Happy Weekend! xo


It has been far too long since I've done a 'snapshots' post and I've missed it. Believe it or not I have more photos to share  from some of our desert outings. Yes I may have gone overboard, but The Ace deserved a post all it's own. Our two days at The Ace were amazing as always. It was fun to be there again, but this time with two of our friends- Phil and Afton. We did a lot of lounging by the pool, laughing until late at night and of course enjoyed our free bucket of beer {courtesy of the ace}. The weather couldn't have been dreamier at 83 degrees- yeah we totally lucked out.


Since I am still editing through my photographs from Palm Springs, I thought I would share some of the photos I took with my iphone. The whole trip I found myself trying to balance taking photos with my camera and my iphone. Sometimes holding one in each hand. Yet still I didn't get some of the shots I wanted to. I am sure many of you fellow photographers and bloggers out there struggle as I do, with putting the camera or phone away. It's hard when what you do professionally intersects with your life. How do you know when to enjoy a moment and not document it?


1. Suno High-Waist Bikini $320
2. Wide Brimmed Hat $158
3. Fuji Instax $60.49
4. Spicy Grapefruit Margarita 
5. Mary Jane Sandals $248
6. Dolce Vita Valentina Dress $275
7. Farmer's Market Tote $45
8. The Paris Wife $15

Can you tell I am having a hard time focusing on anything but our trip to Palm Springs tomorrow? These are a few things that are coming with me and a few that I wish were. 


 After coming back from my weekend in the Desert, it got me wanting a mix of southwestern, Native American and mid-century items for the home. Inspired by the lovely Ace Hotel...


Read This...
I know they should pay me for all of The Ace love I have been blogging about. But I had to share that one of my favorite sites Jetsetter.com, a site that puts up hotel flash sales is putting up The Ace Hotel Palm Springs today at 3pm! Don't miss it! This already reasonably priced hotel will be even more reasonable. But you have to sign up with Jetsetter first.

Happy Weekend Everyone! xx


I am kind of in love with our instant photos of Palm Springs. There is something so fun about instant photos, photos that are one of a kind, and cant be duplicated. On our last morning in town we went to brunch at The Parker (a hotel designed by Jonathan Adler). There were so many photo opportunities, but I sadly ran out of film. We did manage to get a few pretty great photos though. On our drive back to LA we discovered this deserted airport. It made for some pretty awesome photos. Here are the best of the bunch...



Super Secret Airport

urban outfitters shirt and sunglasses
foley and corinna romper
vintage dress
anthropologie belt
pink studio sandals
paige jean shorts
f21 head scarf


Hello everyone, this set of photos from my Palm Springs vacation were taken with my beautiful Canon digital. I have lots of fuji instax photos to scan and I am waiting on my Holga photos to be developed. In the mean time, here are my digital photos of The Ace. I had so much fun roaming the property taking pictures. Palm Springs is hot this time of year, but so very lovely...

 I want to go back!
Fuji Instax photos are coming next. xx


This weekend was absolutely perfect. My boyfriend and I had so much fun at The Ace Hotel Palm Springs! We didn't want to leave. We also went a little crazy with the picture taking. I have more photos then I can count. It will take me a few days to filter through them all, but I promise they will not disappoint. Here is a sneak peak of our room 313...

More to come...


It looks like I will be making two visits to The Ace Hotel in the next few weeks. One in NYC and one in Palm Springs. Lucky me! The Ace Hotel is a boutique hotel chain with locations in Palm Springs, New York, Portland and Seattle. I'm off to New York City with the boyfriend at the end of the month and I can't wait to stop by The Ace NY for a cocktail. It hold sentimental value since I started to fall for him at that very hotel back in December. Sigh.
 The Ace NYC was a winner for the best of the year 2009 merit award for interior design by Roman and Williams, and I can see why. The lobby is vintage-modern, almost cabin-like, with touches of taxidermy and Americana. I could spend hours here sitting with a stumptown coffee (NY's version of Intelligentsia), pretending to read a paper but really people watching.
The rooms are kind of like hip dorm rooms. Each one is unique though. Most have record players and a collection of vinyl for your hipster pleasure. 

After I pop in to the new Opening Ceremony that opened on the ground floor of The Ace back in February, I will have to grab a sub from No. 7 Sub also inside The Ace. With ingredients like pickled blueberries and crushed up bbq potato chips, I simply must have one!

For all you old school hip hop lovers, Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) spins at The Ace NY every Friday starting at 10pm in the Liberty Hall. This totally appeals to the 16 year old me. I had the biggest crush on Q-Tip and I stand by my claim that he has the second sexiest voice next to Caleb Folowill of Kings of Leon.       _______________________________________________________
A week later I'm off to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Wow, I am jealous of myself. I sound like such a jetsetter! Both of these hotels are a photographers dream. Visually there is something beautiful and quirky at every turn. I can't wait to get out the red Holga!

The Ace Palm Springs was once an old Howard Johnson's motel from the late 60's. The geniuses at Commune (a Los Angeles design firm), transformed it into a haute-bohemian paradise. The rooms are quite reasonably priced by Palm Springs standards, and the entire hotel is run off solar power. Chic and environmentally friendly, love it!

Make sure to stop by The Ace bar, The Amigo Room for a Figa (a house-infused fig vodka with earl grey tea and honey tangerine) and hop in the b&w photo booth. Don't miss The Cotija Off The Cob (Mexican corn with cotija cheese, lime and cayenne) at The Ace restaurant, The Kings Highway. It is amazing!
Check out The Ace Hotel's Twitter for hotel deals and updates.
(Photos by Sarah Yates and The Ace Hotel)