Like so many others, Instagram is by far my most used and favorite iphone app. People often ask me how I edit my photos on my phone, so I though I would share my process. I've waisted many dollars on photo apps, but really only use these three... 

1. Snapseed has one of my most loved features- the straighten feature. In the past I wouldn't post photos when lines were off or a window was crooked, but now with this app I can make them perfectly straight. I also love that you can brighten, add contrast or saturation to a section of the photo rather than the whole thing.
2. VSCOcam is by far my favorite photo editing app, because the filters emulate film. Ever since this app came on the scene I rarely use instagram filters. You can also use the app to lighten, add contrast, saturation, etc. 
3. TouchRetouch is genius. I just found out about the app a month or so ago and it has changed my life.  You can remove anything unwanted from a photo, sort of like you would in photoshop. In this photo I removed a speaker and a fire alarm, which would have taken the focus away from my subject.