Like so many others, Instagram is by far my most used and favorite iphone app. People often ask me how I edit my photos on my phone, so I though I would share my process. I've waisted many dollars on photo apps, but really only use these three... 

1. Snapseed has one of my most loved features- the straighten feature. In the past I wouldn't post photos when lines were off or a window was crooked, but now with this app I can make them perfectly straight. I also love that you can brighten, add contrast or saturation to a section of the photo rather than the whole thing.
2. VSCOcam is by far my favorite photo editing app, because the filters emulate film. Ever since this app came on the scene I rarely use instagram filters. You can also use the app to lighten, add contrast, saturation, etc. 
3. TouchRetouch is genius. I just found out about the app a month or so ago and it has changed my life.  You can remove anything unwanted from a photo, sort of like you would in photoshop. In this photo I removed a speaker and a fire alarm, which would have taken the focus away from my subject. 


The turban has been my go-to for lazy days, when you just can't be bothered to spend a lot of time on your hair. It's a fun alternative to a hat, it's super easy to do and adds a little bit of polish to any look. I have had a few people ask me how I tie my turban so I made a little tutorial.
Turban with hair up...
1. Start out by folding your scarf into a triangle. Then keep rolling it until it is one long thin piece. See below.
2. Place the scarf on the nape of your neck and pull up the two sides to the top of your head.
3. Twist the two sides around each other one time.
4. Pull the two sides down to the nape of your neck.
5. Tie a knot and tuck in the loose ends. It should look like this...
Turban with hair down...
1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and place it over your head with the pointy end falling over your forehead.
2. Pull the two sides to the top of your head and twist them around each other once.
3. Pull the two sides down to the nape of your neck, tie a knot and tuck in the loose ends. Take the pointy part of the scarf over your forehead and tuck it up into the twist at the top of your head. It should look like this...
vintage necklace
urban outfitters head scarf


You may have noticed I wear my hair wavy most of the time. My hair is wavy naturally, but trust me it looks nothing like that. It is that weird in-between wavy/straight/frizzy, which is so rarely cute. I few people have asked me how I do my hair, so I thought I'd turn it in to a how-to. It is super easy once you get the hang of it. I can do it in 5-10 minutes and be out the door... 

What you'll need: Brush, Volumizing Spray or Mousse, Hair Clips, Curling Iron {1 inch- 1.5 inch}, Hair Spray
***{I use a 1.5 inch Conair Curling Iron, John Frieda Vomumizing Mousse or Spray and a chopstick to make the perfect middle part}

1. Start out by putting volumizing spray or mousse in your wet hair and blow it dry. The mousse/spray gives hair more body and helps the waves stay.
 2. Part your hair in the middle and separate the top half of your hair and pin it up. This is to make it easier to curl the bottom pieces.
 3. Start with the back sections and wrap your hair around the curling iron barrel away from your face. Leave the curling iron unclamped and hold the end of your hair away from the iron. 
 4. Now unwind the iron. The hair should look like this.
 5. Continue curling each section of hair until every section is curled. Remember to curl away from the face and do not use the clamp.
6. Once finished curling every section, straighten bangs with hair straightener and brush them out. ***Obviously this step is just for the ladies with bangs.
7. Spray hair with hair spray and scrunch curls with your hands a little to mess them up slightly. You don't want them looking too perfect.
8. It should look something like this. Hope this helps! Good luck!

***If you missed my winged liner tutorial check it out here


If you haven't noticed, I wear winged liner practically everyday. I love it, it's a little classic and a little french gamine. I have gotten pretty good at it through a lot of trial and error. I have read an endless amount of "how tos" but none of them seemed to work for me. So, I thought I would share my technique in hopes that this helps you create your perfect winged eye...
What you'll need:
Liquid Eyeliner
Eyelash Curler
{I use: Cover Girl Line Exact Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler}
1. Start out by taking the liquid liner and drawing a thin line on your top lash line, starting in the center and working your way out.
2. Next draw a diagonal line out from each corner of your eye. Follow the line of your lower eyelid and point the line toward the end of your eyebrow. Look in the mirror and make sure they are even on both sides. 
3. Draw a thin line on the bottom lash line connecting to the corners. This step can be left out if you don't line your bottom lashes. 
 4. From the middle of your eyelid, draw a line outward until you meet the corner of the diagonal line. Fill in with liner.
5. Use Q-Tip dipped in eye-makeup remover to fix any imperfections.
6. Curl lashes, add mascara starting close to the lash base working upwards, and voila' the perfect winged eye.