1. Marvis Whitening Toothpaste $13.50
2. Barr-co Soap $8
3. Botot Mouthwash $13
4. Numerical Toothbrushes $10.66
5. Mason Pearson Hair Brush $120

I'm a total sucker for pretty toiletries. If it's useful and has beautiful packaging, then why not? As I get older I'm more and more into simplifying. I'd rather have less, but the things I do have I want to love. Don't you agree? 

PS. I've had that Mason Pearson brush since I was six years old and guess what, it's still going strong. Yes it's worth the investment. As a child my mom was wise enough to paint my name on it with nail polish. Between sleepovers and school camping trips, I have a feeling that's why It never went missing.