My super talented friend Teissia of Firefly Events has been in town for the last few weeks planning weddings for her clients. When she told me she had to make some fringe balloons for an upcoming engagement shoot, I jumped at the chance to photograph her process so I could share it with you. Please enjoy!


  • 30"-36" Round Balloons {get the balloons blown up at your local party store, just make sure they can fit in your car}
  • Tissue Paper &/orFabric in 3-4 different colors {make sure the fabric is lightweight so it doesn't weigh the balloon down}
  • Scissors
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Optional- Rosette {for the top}

1. Start by cutting your lace ribbon in to a strip about 5'-6' long. This will take the place of the ribbon holding the balloon.  

2. Cut fabric into rectangles approximately 1'x1.5'. If you are using tissue paper there is no need to cut, just fold the sheets in half lengthwise.

3. Cut strips in the fabric/tissue paper leaving approximately 1.5" on the top uncut. 

4. Tie a piece of lace or ribbon around the center of the fringe.

5. Fold the fabric/tissue paper in half, so the ribbon is on the left side. Roll it up and then wrap the lace/ribbon around the top and tie it in a knot. Make sure to leave a few inches of ribbon free to attach to the balloon. 

6. Tie your pieces of fringe on to the lace handle starting at the top. It looks best to vary the colors of the fringe. {Optional: Place a rosette at the top directly under the balloon}