These last few weeks have been truly lovely. I have tried to focus on taking more time for myself, which can be hard as a freelancer, but I think I succeeded. I checked out the incredible California Design 1930-1965 exhibit at LACMA, which I highly recommend for all you  modern design lovers. I spent the day checking out furniture and fabric stores with my mom who was in town and even got an evening to myself to curl up on the couch and watch bad TV. Here are a few more things that made these past weeks so sweet...

  • Getting home decor inspiration from two new books, Design Sponge at Home and Bohemian Modern
  • Heading to the Apple store with the boyfriend to get him an iPhone. Now we are one happy, Apple loving family. 

  • Taking a moment after work to watch the sun set. 
  • Spending a friday night at the museum {LACMA} with friends. 

  • $4 tulips adding color and life to my home. 
  • Finding places for my mom's most recent paintings. 

Happy Weekend! xo