I am nowhere near getting engaged anytime soon, but I think Nicole Richie's engagement ring is truly spectacular. The octagon of paves surrounding makes it unique and almost vintage looking. 

I realized why I was so drawn to this ring. A year ago my mother wanted to get her mother's ring reset. I took her to S N Queens in the jewelry district, downtown LA. This was a place that came highly recommended to me by one of my married friends. She was right, they do really beautiful work, have a lovely selection of antique rings and are not expensive. I immediately saw a ring exactly like Nicole's, a rose cut diamond with an octagon of paves surrounding. My mom ended up getting her ring in that very setting. I truly adore that ring and have fantasies of stealing it. I think my mom would be humored to know that she and Nicole Richie have practically the same ring. Although Nicole's has slightly more carats. Good work Joel Madden! I never thought I would say that.