1. Phoenix // Chloroform
2. Caveman // Over My Head
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Wedding Song
4. On An On // Ghosts
5. Chromatics // Kill For Love
6. Porcelain Raft // Shapeless and Gone
7. MGMT // Alien Days
8. Nightlands // So Far So Long
9. Vampire Weekend // Ya Hey
10. Girls // Honey Bunny

{listen on spotify or 8tracks}

I know it seems like I just posted a mix, but I already have another one for you. Since I've been spending so much time editing photos these days, I end up listening to a lot of music. It's the only way I can make it through weeks of photoshoping and manage to stay sane. Unlike the last mix, this one really vibes. All the songs flow nicely in a very calming way.  

*One quick note- two of the songs on this mix are brand new, so new in fact that they aren't on Spotify yet. They won't play on Spotify unless you own these tracks and they're in your iTunes library. They are both really good songs and that's why, for now I suggest listening on 8tracks, as all of the tracks are there.