Who: Persephone Bott, costumer for TV and Movies/U.K. to L.A. transplant
Where: Hollywood
When: Saturday

1. Working in Costume for TV and movies, if i get a Saturday off it is sacred to me! After sleeping in a little to let my body get over the shock of 6am call times, I would wander slowly in the sunshine of So Cal to Cafe Audrey on Las Palmas in Hollywood. This is a really cute little place inspired by everything Audrey Hepburn. Everything is black and white and they even have Audrey quotes on the ceiling! I am not much of a coffee drinker but would order a little brunch or one of their amazing soups. Just across the street is the hotel where Julia Roberts lived in Pretty Woman and seeing that hotel always makes me smile.

2. Next is Out of the Closet thrift store on Sunset Blvd. Although I shop a billion times a week for my job, there is something about this particular thrift store that i love. I have to go there regularly to see what bargains I can find. I came across this place because of work and some of my bargains include a Catherine Malandrino dress for $15, Spiewak Puffa jacket for $12 and a gorgeous little black Ralph Lauren dress for $4!!!! I am a slave to a bargain.

3. After all that shopping i need a bit of an outlet- I head to the Blackbird Dance Company on Sunset and Highland and hit my Zumba class! I have got into Zumba for fitness and i love it, It is a mixture of aerobic exercise and Latin dance and it is the best workout! There are so many places doing Zumba now and it makes me feel great. It also allows me to indulge at my final spot.....

4. Miceli's...The oldest Italian restaurant in Hollywood. This place is just a classic for great Italian food, i love the spaghetti and meatballs, so simple but so good! The ambiance is wonderful here, subtle lighting, good wine and live piano with your server known to belt out a tune too. Old school and nothing pretentious about this place which i love when all i want on a Saturday night is to enjoy a great bottle of wine with my man and think about how much i love LA and all it's offerings.

All these places are all within walking distance which I also find so valuable in a city where everyone is convinced they have to drive everywhere. I can even walk there in my heels....!
Good times in the land where dreams are made!

{photos by me, shopping bag}