I'm heading to NYC one last time this year for a very special charity auction my boyfriend has been putting together (please come if you live in NY!). With all the traveling I've been doing lately, I've really had to get my routine down (I feel like George Clooney in Up in the Air!).

Here are my travel must haves and tips...

  •  1. Poncho Style Knit Sweater $39.90. My travel uniform is an oversized sweater and leggings. It's all about looking chic and staying comfortable.
  • 2. Knitted Fairisle Cardigan $110. This sweater looks so cozy. Perfect  for the plane. 
  • 3. Trompe L'Oeil Scarf $24. I like to bring a scarf with me on the plane. It opens up room in my suitcase and it can double as a blanket if it gets chilly. 
  • 4. Leather Tassel Tote $98. I'm always looking for nice bags that are big enough to bring on the plane. This one is a good price and comes in three colors. 
  • 5. Canvas Carryall $78. This carryall is large enough to hold everything you need on the plane, and with the long strap you can wear it across your body. 
  • 6. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones $299.95. I don't have these yet, but I want them. Perfect for canceling out babies screams (ps. I love babies).
  • 7. Ipod Nano $149. I am a crazy music fanatic, so I gotta have this on me at all times.
  • 8. Bottle Pack $12. I put all my favorite toiletries in smaller bottles like these. I just grab it and go.
  • 9. Tide to Go $4.99. You never know when you your going to spill something. Tide to Go has saved me on multiple occasions.
  • 10. Aquafor 2 pack $4.70. This stuff is amazing. I get super dry on the plane, this is the answer.
  • 11. Cordless Hair Straightener $99. My sister has this and takes it everywhere. When you have wavy hair and bangs like me, a straightener can be your best friend. This one is small and best of all cordless.
  • 12. Inflatable Travel Pillow $10. I have one like this. It inflates to save room in your bag.
  • 13. Vera Bradley Luggage Tag $9.99. It's sometimes hard to tell suitcases apart. This teal luggage tag will make sure yours stands out. 
  • 14. Leopard Cosmetic Bag $10.50 You can't miss this leopard makeup bag in your carry-on.
  • 15. Compression Socks $14. My ankles tend to swell when I fly. These socks keep my blood flowing and prevent swelling. I know, I'm a nerd.
  • 16. Sam Edelman Farrell Ankle Boot $175. I always wear boots on the plane. That way I save room in my suitcase and they are easy to slip on and off at security. 
  • 17. Laptop Sleeve 15" $60. Loving this cheeky laptop sleeve! If it fit my enormous computer I would get it in a second.
  • 18. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo $5.49. A great read is essential!
  • 19. Hue Jeggings $34. I love wearing leggings on the plane. These ones look like jeans and are comfy with the elastic waistband. Perfect for a long flight. 
  • 20. Hue Skinny Leggings $28. Classic black leggings are a plane staple for me. I always pair them with a longer top or sweater (not everyone can pull off leggings with a shorter top).

{My computer is coming with me on this trip, so check back daily for new posts from New York. xx}