My dear friend and fellow photographer Alisha Blanchard has agreed to do a lovely guest post while I am away. Thanks Alisha!...

I stumbled across this wonderful photographer when I was mindlessly browsing google for childrens photographers. Her images are wonderful and whimsical and remind me of an idyllic country life. Being both a mother & a photographer I'm always trying to improve my skills (in both areas believe me!) snapping inspired and in the moment shots of my daughter. Its a hard job! Mandy Lynn has a unique ability to capture the essence, time & space of the moment. I threw in a couple of wedding shots for good measure.

She is obviously very creative & her use of light is awesome. Here is a round up of 10 shots that made me think of summer...sitting in a swing drinking lemonade from a mason jar on a wrap around porch somewhere in the country! Ahhh summertime in the countryside...Heaven.

She also has an adorable etsy

Alisha Blanchard