Well that was a nice short week. Any fun plans for the weekend? I'll be spending some time with friends, continuing to pack up my house and attending a mix party {see photos from the last one here}. So far 2013 is off to a pretty good start. 

Isn't this pub adorable? I took this in Nevada City on my way up to Tahoe. I'll be sharing more photos from my trip next week. Until then...happy weekend! 


Ok, I don't hate perfume, quite the opposite actually (for example here). A friend recently turned me on to this perfume shop CB I Hate Perfume in Brooklyn. Each name and bottle is cuter than the next...the descriptions conjure up memories of walking through the countryside, fresh cut grass or autumn leaves. With 35 different scents ranging in price from $50-75 you are sure to find one that is right for you. All perfumes are made in small batches and bottled by hand.

For example...

Cradle of Light: Cradle of Light is a glorious blend of pure white flower absolutes: Moroccan, Indian, Egyptian and Tunisian Jasmine Grandiflorum, Indian Night Blooming Jasmine, Jonquil, Narcissus, Tuberose and White Lotus. The bouquet is set against a green background of Sumac, Tomato and Violet Leaves with a hint of Galbanum and grounded in a base of Sandalwoods and CBMUSK.
The scent begins with a fresh green presence; gradually the flowers emerge becoming warmer and richer. Cradle of Light is a supremely elegant perfume with a serene and euphoric effect. Wearing it can be slightly hypnotic...

M3 November: Pumpkin Pie, Fallen Apples, Bonfire, Wood Smoke, Dried Grass, Fallen Leaves, Wet Branches, Damp Moss, Chanterelle Mushrooms and a hint of Pine Forest

Greenbriar 1968: This scent is a memory of my Grandfather, the sawmill that he owned and the stone house where he lived.
It is blended with Sawdust, Fresh Cut Hay, Worn Leather Work Gloves, Pipe Tobacco and a healthy amount of Dirt. There is also a faint whiff of cotton overalls covered in Axel Grease.

Burning Leaves: The smoke of burning maple leaves - pure & simple


I have always been drawn to the more woodsy, musky scents. I think there is something so sexy about a woman wearing a traditionally more masculine scent. Here are some of my current favorite perfumes and Eau de toilettes...

1. Narciso Rodriguez For Her $56.95 Musk is at the heart of For Her. The fragrant harmony of the musk expresses itself through three pulsations; honey flower, radiant amber, and tactile wood. This fragrant harmony develops gently and slowly, rounding out into the warm tones of sunkissed skin, dusted in a soft, velvety sensuality

2. L'Artisan Parfmeur Navegar $95 Inspired by the “black diamond”, pepper, Navegar perfectly showcases the dual nature of this king of spices, its warmth and its bracing freshness. With notes of rum, lime, ginger and anise, it is a piquant cocktail resting on a luxurious base of precious woods and incense. 

3. L'Artisan Parfumeur Patchouli Patch $95 A very chic and modern version of patchouli with a dash of white musk. A rare and innovative blend. Patchouli Patch is truly a delight, just like velvet on skin.

4. Khiels Musk 1921 Oil $26 This modern version of our classic signature scent is based on the unique blend that is Kiehl's Musk. Our special Musk "recipe" begins with an initial creamy, fresh citrus burst of Bergamot Nectar and Orange Blossom...followed by a soft floral bouquet of Rose, Lily, Ylang-Ylang and Neroli. Finally, Original Musk Eau de Toilette dries down to a warm, sensual Oriental finish of Tonka Nut, White Patchouli and, of course, Musk...the soul of this distinctively modern scent.

5. L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure et Musc $95 From its fine bottle initially rises the fresh enchanting scent of the blackberry season followed by its fruity heart with the soft, intoxicating sensuality of musk reinforcing the blackberry note, bringing forth sensuous memories to make you delicately dizzy. 

6. Pacifica Mediterannean Fig $22 Earth meets ocean in this green, full-bodied cocktail of sweet fig, palm, cyclamen, moss, and clove, all set in a luscious sandalwood base. Sensuous and complex, it's a wonderfully imaginative take on classic fig. The scent of a fig tree is like nothing else in the world—this essence is easy to wear and layer, for both men and women. Embark on a fragrant journey, full of life, history, and lore. This blend is inspired by the brilliant, classic French interpretation of fig, using all the elements of the tree, creating the sense of standing under its branches.

 (I get the most compliments when I wear Narciso Rodriguez For Her and Patchouli Patch)