Charlotte Gainsbourg is undeniably cool- Being the daughter of 60's "it couple" Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourge, she was pretty much born with style. She manages to balance her slightly tomboyish look with more feminine pieces and somehow seems to do it all effortlessly. It is no wonder she's been a muse for designers such as Balenciaga. This actress/singer even caught the eye of Beck, who produced and co-wrote Charlotte's critically acclaimed album IRM...
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I'm off to Palm Springs!


Grace Kelly is America's fairy tale princess. She not only had perfectly elegant style, she was stunningly beautiful, a talented actress and to top it all off she became a real life princess. Pretty dreamy. Her name has almost become an adjective- "Oooh that dress is so Grace Kelly" {i.e. beautiful, classic, glamorous}. Women will always want to be like her because "Grace" never goes out of style...

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I think Alexa takes the cake this year for the most fashionable lady in the land. Le sigh. From her stylish collaboration with Madewell to her enviable slightly messy two toned hair; Alexa is the "it girl" everyone wants to be. I mean the girl has a handbag named after her, that is seriously big time. She is a pro at the undone, vintage, girly meets tomboy look everyone craves. She is surely an inspiration and icon of our time...

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Happy Birthday J! 
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Oh Audrey...she is one of the most beautiful and stylish women of all time. Her slender figure stood out at a time when voluptuous sirens ruled the screen and inspired women to embrace simple silhouettes, ballet flats and bold brows. She has a way of captivating her audience with her infectious smile, making you feel like a friend. She is elegance personified. I want to be Audrey Hepburn when I grow up...

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I thought I would start a weekly post on style icons {new and old} that inspire fashion and start trends.
 My friend suggested I start with Francoise Hardy. She knew she was so up my alley! How could I not have known this french songstress? Those bangs, that eyeliner, her effortless style! Little did she know, 48 years later, girls would still be trying to look like her and rocking out to her tunes... 

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 I have lots of fun style icons lined up for the weeks to come. Who are some of your favorites???