A little over a week ago my friend Lauren hosted her second annual cd swap, which is pretty much the best idea ever. I came home with six mixes full of amazing music I can't stop listening to. You too can own all six mixes, because Lauren is hosting a giveaway on her blog The Sphinx & The Milky Way.  You have until 11:59 pm the night of January 25th to enter. Check out her blog for more details. Good luck! 


My talented friend Lauren Spencer King just updated her Spencer Studio etsy shop with seven new pieces. She takes vintage photographs and extends the scene with a detailed drawing. Her work is so unique and beautiful. I urge you to check out her shop. A sneak peak of her charming Silver Lake apartment was also featured yesterday on Design Sponge {photographed by my friend Kate}.

{lauren painted the lovely feather watercolor for my blog header} 


My friend Lauren of the sphinx and the milky way and Spencer Studio had a fun all girls get together this past weekend in her art studio. Everyone had to bring a mix cd of their creation, one for each guest. Such an amazing idea, right?! Not only did I adore spending time with all ten lovely ladies {including lilly and kate}, but I got to take home a bunch of new music. I think this should be a regular event.

*make sure to head over to lauren's blog for more photos of the party- including a few of me!


My friend Lauren of the sphinx & the milky way recently launched Spencer Studio, a site showcasing the art and design she has been commissioned to do for weddings. She specializes in watercolor, but you might remember her incredible sculptures here. Lauren is an insanely talented artist and I just adore her work. She even hand painted the hawk feather that lives above Sweet Thing. Her website shows some of her previous work as well as invitation and save the date ideas. She used some of her friend's names as "the couples" and James and I are lucky enough to be included {we're the 3rd one down}! So no, we are not actually engaged. If you are a bride looking for a personal and unique invite then look no further...
 {photos by kate danson}


Who: Lauren Spencer King, Artist, Grad Student and Blogger
Where: The East Side
When: Monday

1. Flower Mart. Monday is the only day that I don't have class. So, it is nice to take the day and do things that make me happy, inspire me, and refuel my creativity. I start my day out early and head Downtown. I have recently discovered the LA Flower Mart. It can be a little overwhelming, but I love to just wonder around and see what there is to see. I love the abundance and kinds of flowers in all possible colors grouped together in buckets, row after row! I have made it a ritual the past couple of years to always have flowers next to my bed. I think of it as a small, kind gesture I can do for myself, something that makes me happy every time I see them. And those little things are so important. So, I pick out a little bunch that calls my name.

2. Natural History Museum. Next I head to the Natural History Museum, and make a bee line straight for the Hall of Gems and Minerals, where I will spend the next few hours. They have an amazing collection that includes minerals, rocks, gems, ores and meteorites from all over the world. My grandmother always had these huge chunks of amethyst in her Japanese Garden and my mother was a silversmith, so I grew up around these objects, they have very significant importance to me. And now I collect them and draw much inspiration from them for my own art. I make sure to spend time with the flawless crystal ball, and visit the gem collection in the vault. The sparkles, colors and shapes take my breath away!

3. Philosophical Research Society Library. Then I head to my secret spot, The Philosophical Research Society Library, shhhh - don't tell anyone {wink}. This is my dream library; they house some of the rarest books and manuscripts in the world. Lately I like to check out books on Alchemy, Magic and Divination, and Healing. You have to read all books in the library, so I settle in at their big oak table and spread my things out. I bring my notebook to jot down some quotes, and ideas. It is so quiet and peaceful; I love it and usually stay until they close.

4. Elf Cafe. My last stop is Elf Cafe in Silver Lake, my favorite local spot. I meet up with my boyfriend and close friends and share amazing food and tons of laughs! Elf so cozy, it's like you are in your best friends home. They use fresh ingredients for their vegetarian fair, and it is always delicious! My current favorites are the Roasted Flatbread Shawarma, Roasted Beet and Braised Fennel, and a Rosewater Lemonade. YUM!

5. Home. At the end of the day I love coming home, taking a bath, and making a cup of tea. Then I cuddle up with my sweet pup, Ava (who is always oh so excited to see me), and watch my favorite movie about this city, LA Story!

{photo of lauren by me, gem, flower photo via the paris apartment}


My talented friend Lauren Spencer King of The Sphinx and the Milky Way, recently had her thesis art show. I was blown away by the movement and colors of her sculpture. Her pieces reminded me how intertwined art and fashion are. They take from each other...

one. ASOS Clutch $35.86
three. Narrow Leg Trouser $89.90
six. Tie Dye Socks $8
seven. Silk Safari Short $88
eight. Druzy Ring $29
nine. Wide Heeled Sandal $109
ten. Super Skinny Belt $39.50
eleven. Joseph Shirt Dress $370
twelve. Studio Silk Top $99.90

lauren's website 
lauren's blog