The Ikea 2011 catalog is out and there are lots of pieces I have my eye on, new and old...

Clockwise from top left: Alseda Stool $29.99 (a friend has these stacked in her living room and they look so chic),   Karlstad Footstool $249, Karlstad Loveseat $579 (love the tufted cushions, reminiscent of this sofa), Hovas Sofa $499
Clockwise from top left: Ikea PS Cabinet (looks great stacked side by side like this)$99, Torsby Sideboard $299, Ikea PS Bruse Coffee Table $149, Trollsta Black Sideboard $349 (looks so stylish in this room)
Clockwise from top left: Lytta Kitchen Cart $159 (I have this cart in my kitchen and love it), Elly Dishtowels $2.49, Ikea PS Maskros Light $89.99 (this chandelier looks amazing hereUrban Chair $39.99 (perfect for outside like here)
Clockwise from top left: Ikea Stockholm Rand $179 (i've seen this rug all over design magazines like here), Jorun Rug $179, Alvine Ruta Rug $159, Trampa Door Mat $14.99 (I have this at my front and back door)

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