Happy All Hallows' Eve! How will you be celebrating my friends? We'll be staying in to pass out candy to kids, sip cider and continue our scary movie-watching rampage. Whatever you end up doing stay safe (I can't wait to see costumes on instagram)!

To all my friends and family affected by hurricaine Sandy- you are in my constant thoughts. I love you and I'm sending you hugs. 


To be honest, I couldn't think of anything to blog about today {sometimes that happens} so as Halloween draws near, I thought I'd share a family photo from Halloween circa 1992. My mom and I went as Ivana and Ivanka Trump and my dad went as our limo driver. I remember my mom let me wear false eyelashes and they were so heavy I could barely open my eyes. Oh and yes, I've pretty much had bangs on and off my whole life and as you can see dark brown is not my natural hair color. Do you have any favorite Halloween memories when you were a kid? What costume are you most proud of?


Sweet. Japanese Lantern Bunch $28
Sweeter. Wreath $88
Sweetest. Pumpkin Crate $68

How was your weekend my dears? Mine was quite lovely. I got to celebrate a friend's birthday and another friend's baby on the way. I have a baby shower to attend next weekend as well and I've got to say I sure love buying baby gifts. I think they're probably the most fun presents to buy, don't you? I also got a little holiday shopping out of the way. Believe it or not, I am almost finished altogether. I realize It's not even Halloween yet, but It feels so good to be ahead of the game. Especially since I have a lot of people to buy for, my boyfriend's birthday and our anniversary to think about. Do you like to get an early start on holiday gift buying or are you more of a last minute kinda person? 


We managed to snap a few photos of my Halloween costume last night before my camera battery died. I hadn't planned on going out so this costume was very last minute. I am not even sure what I am exactly, a girl from the 40's? 

I bought this dress eight years ago and never wore it. I completely forgot I even had it. I am so in love with the gold studs and 40's silhouette. My love of vintage shopping always pays off come Halloween!

**if you want to get this 40's hairstyle check out my tutorial for Glitter Guide


This Halloween I dressed up not once but twice. At 3pm on Saturday afternoon I scrambled to figure out a costume. The boyfriend and I had decided to go as Ferris Bueller and Sloan ages ago, but we just couldn't get it together in time. I looked through my closet and knew I had some stuff to work with (e.g. long black gown, bandleader jacket), I just needed to get creative. Inspired by The Cherry Blossom Girl and Pandora, I turned myself in to two Disney villains, all with stuff I already had. I just needed a few accessories. A quick stop at the corner vintage store and Halloween store and voila'...

Cruella De Vil

Captain Hook


The Boyfriend and I took a drive to the pumpkin patch in Pomona last Thursday. Yeah, we were a little late on the pumpkin train due to our recent travel. It was a gorgeous autumn day, except for the 80 degree weather. No, I did not dress appropriately. It was one of those days I just didn't feel like being photographed. I had more fun behind the camera, although James did manage to snap a few of me...

zara top
f21 jeans
sam edelman boots 
vanessa mooney necklace 
feather necklace made by my sister 
rings from bhavantu and gorjana

james wearing: 
j. crew shirt 
uniqlo jeans
sperry topsiders


Hey sweet things, I just want to wish you all a Happy Halloween!!!
Here's a photo of me and some of my girlies two Halloweens ago...
{Marion Crane from Psycho, Maude Lebowski from The Big Lebowski and Joan Holloway from Mad Men}



Halloween is my favorite holiday. I mean lets face it, I love any reason to play dress up. OK maybe it's the candy. I revel in any excuse to eat sour candy and blow pops and have it be socially acceptable.
I carve a pumpkin every year. Some have been better then others. It never occurred to me to try out a no-carve pumpkin, until I saw these adorable ones on Real Simple. They are so creative and look super easy...

Chalkboard Pumpkins. I am such a chalkboard fan, for example here. This might just make use of my left over chalkboard spray paint!
Plaid Pumpkins. Are you mad for plaid? Me too. With a little tape and dry erase markers you can impress the neighbors with these beauties.