Sweet. Acacia Wedge Server $21.95
Sweeter. Colorblocked Bread Board $128
Sweetest. Oar Server $24.95

I just added that Oar Server to my little collection of pretty wooden boards. I use them all the time for cheese plates or to serve appetizers. They add a relaxed, rustic vibe to any get together, which I love. 

How was your weekend? Mine was so lovely. James and I had an impromptu dinner and a movie date night, which was insanely fun. When you live with your boyfriend it's nice to throw on some heels every once and a while and go on a proper date, don't ya think? I also did something quite frightening...I cut my hair. I have had practically the same hair cut for eight years and suddenly felt like I should mix things up. I don't know if I love it or hate it, but it felt good to let go {this was my inspiration photo}. I promise pictures coming soon!