1. Ane Brun // Do You Remember
2. Françoise Hardy // Le Temps de L'amour
3. Andrew Bird // Danse Caribe
4. Vacationer // Be With You
5. Nick Waterhouse // Is That Clear
6. Little Joy // The Next Time Around
7. Miike Snow // Enter the Jokers Lair
8. Daniel Rossen // Waterfall

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Happy Friday! This week has seemed to fly by. My mom came in to town to celebrate Mother's Day on Tuesday and Wednesday,  which made the week feel like a weekend. While my mom was in town she helped me paint my living room white- something I've been wanting to do for a while now. It took much longer than anticipated, so I was very thankful for all my sweet sound mixes. I asked James to make a new one for us and this is what he put together. I hope you enjoy it!

photo via james' instagram