Sometimes I share instagram photos of the studio where I work on tuesdays, but I realize I haven't talked about that much on the blog- 

Every tuesday I work for my dad in Venice at his gorgeous photography studio, just blocks from the beach. I started working with him when I moved to LA, nine years ago {can you believe it!}. When I started It was just something to do on the side, I never thought I could BE a photographer. I had always had a passion for it- in high school I never went anywhere without my camera and cost my parents a fortune in film development. Through working with my dad, I finally got the confidence to start my own business and I guess the rest in history. There is almost nothing that makes me happier than taking photographs and it has been one of the true joys of my life, getting to learn from someone who's work inspires me endlessly.

Over time my dad's assistant Kristen, who had been scanning and archiving his collection of photos, taught me how to use photoshop. I ended up taking over her job when she left and to this day feel so indebted to her. Kristen sparked my passion for photoshop which has surpassed retouching photos to exploring graphic design.

I continue to assist my dad for major shoots, retouch and archive his photographs both new and old. Working with my dad has allowed me to know him in a way I wouldn't otherwise and for that I feel grateful.

*If you're curious about my dad's work, check out his website here

Happy Weekend!