This last week has been challenging in many ways, but sometimes it's those difficult times that allow you to stop and think about how truly blessed you are. I feel like I have mentioned before how my life has been in a state of flux over the last year. There have been so many changes, and for someone who thrives on routine it has thrown me for a loop. I must admit, I've had moments of feeling sorry for myself. When I start to go to that place, it's the little things that pull me out, like a friend dropping by to bring me fresh bread from the farmer's market, my boyfriend doing silly dances around the house or a hilarious game of charades. As much as I adore beautiful things and write about them here daily, it is really laughter, learning and a human connection that make life truly "sweet". Here is a little look into my life of late and a few of the things making me smile...
  • A perfect evening celebrating Miss Lauren's birthday with a game of charades, champagne and fabulous conversation. Isn't this card gorgeous? It was made by Lili and photographed by Lauren.
  • The guinea feathers I ordered from Etsy to adorn this year's Christmas gifts.
  • A brunch date with my guy at Casita Del Campo for juevos rancheros and the most delicious chips and salsa.
  • Indulging in my favorite blueberry pancakes from The Black Cat Bakery on a rainy day. 
Happy Weekend! xo