These last few days have started to feel fall like in LA which is a nice change from the 90 degree heat of last week. The colder temps have got me craving dinners at home, movie nights with the boy and hot tea. Here is a little look into my life of late and a few of the things making me smile...  
  • Taking a moment to enjoy the autumn light shining through turning leaves.   
  • My new glasses from Bonlook that have not left my face since they arrived. 

  • Buying pretty cards for some upcoming birthdays and baby showers at Urbanic. They have the best selection of cards, wrapping paper and gifts. I spend way too much money here!   
  • Trying to make the best of the recent heatwave, by spending the day at a friend's pool (yes I have the chubbiest feet ever).

  • Ingredients for a comforting, homemade pasta dinner with one of my oldest and dearest friends. 
  • Listening to some of my favorite records with my favorite guy.
I am thrilled the weekend is finally here because I am headed up to Ojai for Lilly's baby shower. I can't wait to spend time with my family, some of my favorite ladies and celebrate Little Miss Walton of course. Happy Weekend! xx