OK, these photos weren't all taken in one day, more like two. They are from last weekend in Marin. One of the days we went to Berkeley to see one of James' sister's for an early dinner. The east bay's adorable craftsman's and shops feel so neighborhood-y- something I wish there was a little more of in Los Angeles. On the next day, we got Kumamoto oysters and PranQster's at Hog Island. I can't stop thinking about the kumamoto's light and buttery flavor. Later we went to see James' other sister in Petaluma for lunch. I fell in love with the historical victorian homes and lush gardens. To end our day, we drove to the headlands- one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We explored the center for the arts, a place I had seen in photos and knew was right up my ally. We ended our full day of exploring the bay by walking around the woods near the golden gate bridge. The sun was setting and the light through the trees was cinematic and gorgeous. All in all it was quite a full weekend. Not unlike this one. 

How was your holiday weekend? Mine was full of indulgent food and awesome music, two of my favorite things. My birthday was very low key, but perfect. I promise to share more soon!