One. Kate Spade Umbrella $75
Two. Commuter Trench Coat $129
Three. Kate Spade Paige Rainboots $125

Four. Rubberized Jacket $129
Five. Owl Umbrella $30
Six. Hunter Gabby Boots $195

Seven. Clear Bubble Umbrella $18
Eight. Orla Kiely Birdwatch Raincoat $480
Nine. Mid Rainboots $115 

While I sit here in this 85 degree LA weather It's hard to imagine cooler temps let alone rainy days, but my New Yorker sister made a special request for some rainy day outfit ideasApparently there are many of you gettin' soaked out there. While rain is not my favorite {bangs + rain do not mix}, I am craving anything that resembles fall. Enough to do a little impromptu flight search-- New York in the fall, yes please!