My 29th birthday is this Sunday the 4th and as usual it falls on Labor Day weekend. It can be a tricky birthday to have since most of my friends tend to be out of town for the holiday. This year I was feeling very uninspired as to having any sort of party. I know you understand. It's hard to organize a party that is solely celebrating you. Of course when it comes to other people's birthdays I LOVE to celebrate. This Saturday just happens to be FYF Fest in downtown LA and it is exactly what I want to do. A bunch of our favorite bands are playing- we'll dance our hearts out, drink and be merry. On my actual birthday the boy has to work, but he will be out in time to make me a few 19th Centuries and take me to dinner at Sun of a Gun.

On the topic of birthdays, I realize they can be a strange time for people. We put so much pressure on them, like they should be the best day of the year. In my experience, the days you plan on being the best days usually aren't and the days you didn't expect to be, have a way of surprising you. Another thing you are faced with on your birthday is the dreaded- getting older. I have never been someone who morned the loss of my early or mid twenties. I'm actually thrilled to be one year closer to 30 because lets face it, my 20's have been all about career changes, heartbreak, figuring it out the hard way, getting to know myself and what I want. Only in the last two years has life really started to make sense. If only 29 year old Jessie could go back to 20 year old Jessie and tell her that it's all going to be ok, that life gets better, I promise. I'd also tell her to start blogging sooner. 

Happy weekend my dearest, sweetest things! I hope it's full of all kinds of unexpected fun. xx