This week has been busy, but not in the work-crazed way it has been lately. It's been all about socializing and somehow it's only Thursday? Isn't it funny how you can have weeks of a ho hum social calendar and the all of a sudden, bam- every night something? I must say it has been nice though. The weather so far this summer has been {dare I say it} pretty perfect. They boyfriend and I have been enjoying dinners on the porch whenever possible and it's proven to be the prefect place for casual entertaining. Last night we had pizza night at home with some friends and tonight is sushi night with the girls. I do love to be social but I need at least a day or two a week to stay home and take it easy. What about you? Do you burn out fast or do you like to be out most nights?

As for the masculin and féminine looks- I've been going back and forth all week between styles. I'm having fun finding ways to  make certain outfits feel more one way than another. I think I lean towards menswear inspired looks for everyday and like looking a tad girly when I dress up. Do you have a favorite?