Oak Bluffs is a sweet town on the northeast side of Martha's Vineyard. It is known for having the oldest operating carousel in america and the most adorable victorian houses called "gingerbread cottages." They are all painted the most fantastic colors and form a circular pattern around a theater like building, knows as the tabernacle. If you have never been to the island and are looking for a fun time to go- I recommend the third week in august. Every year since 1886 the gingerbread cottages put on "Illumination Night", where all the houses display lit chinese and japanese lanterns. Many of the lanterns have been passed down from generation to generation , it is truly a breathtaking sight.
After a family dinner one night, we all took a stroll around the cottages and I managed to snap a few photos before the sun went down. I just love thinking about all the people who have lived in these homes and all the history they have seen.