Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? If not, you must- It's funny, It's beautiful and it takes place in Paris, I mean come on. I could relate to the movie quite a bit, because it deals with romanticizing the past {especially Paris in the 20's}. I have always had a thing for the 20's, and often thought I was born in the wrong decade. It just seems like a wonderful time to be alive- The flapper was redefining what it meant to be a woman, both the economy and technology were booming. Anything was possible. And, I just love the style. What I loved about the movie, is that it brought to mind an interesting point- even the people living in the 20's didn't think their own decade was the most amazing. No matter what period you fantasize about, the people of that time probably fantasized about another time. Do you romanticize the past? If so which period?

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