WHO: James Zimmerman, Actor/My Seriously Adorable Boyfriend
WHERE: Here and There
WHEN: Saturday

1. Lake Hollywood Park. I spent half my life growing up in Northern CA. Those of you familiar with our northern neighbors will know that frisbee is more a way of life than a sport. I can't think of a better way to start my day than by driving up the windy hills of Hollywood to partake in a excellent game of ultimate frisbee at the Hollywood Reservoir Park. (I know the ladies love this blog so I feel obliged to mention that the game is coed)  The Park is hidden away, halfway up the mountain. If the Hollywood sign wasn't looming majestically over your head, you might not know you were in LA at all.

2. Nat's Early Bite. After the rigorous workout that is ultimate frisbee (no joke)  It's off to Nat's for the best chilaquiles I've ever had!  Its not just the fact that they cook the tortillas to perfection, or that they make the most delicious breakfast salsa you've ever had. It's just a great old fashioned coffee shop, where they bake their own muffins, and folk are just that - folk. 

3. Secret Headquarters. The Guardian(UK) published a top 10 list of the world’s most beautiful independent bookstores. The only American shop to make the list is the next stop on my ideal day in LA - Secret Headquarters. I realize that I mentioned frisbee earlier and now I'm talking about comics. I'm cool though, I swear. Like many of the boutiques that line the Sunset junction, the design aesthetic is top notch. Walking in you feel like you're in some sort of English lord's private library- A library filled with comics and art books. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and they routinely host gallery events that highlight great artists and writers. How can you not love a comic shop that makes you feel sophisticated even though you're there to buy books with pictures in them.

4. Umami Burger. No day in LA would be sweet enough without a stop at your local Umami burger. I cannot stress enough how good these burgers are. All I can say, is that you must go immediately! It's a good thing I moved in with the lady because it was starting to be a problem living down the street. I personally recommend the Hatch burger, a glorious blend of house made American cheese (better than you think)and green chiles. And for those of you that like more spice, the Diablo Blue is always available even if it's not on the menu. I'll let you figure out whats in that one on your own.

5. New Beverly Cinema. I realize part of "Sweetest Day" is about cuing people into the little secrets we all have about LA. I have a secret- I'm in love with the New Beverly Cinema. The tickets are always $7.50, the popcorn is excellent and it's always a double feature. What really makes the New Beverly though, is that it's owned and curated by Quentin Tarantino. As one can imagine, the calendar is peppered with wild grindhouse cinema, cult classics, and midnight showings of Pulp Fiction- all of which play with the original trailers of the film's release. There are many many super cool talk backs and events that take place here, so it's good to check ahead in the calendar. But what I love most about the New Beverly is that, like me, everyone who goes here genuinely loves movies- even the bad ones.

{photo of james by me, burger, secret headquarters, new beverly}