Well now, somehow it is May already which means the boy is moving in in less than a month! My adorable roomie is still living with me so I can't actually start making changes to my new office/dressing room until next month. But, I have a few ideas- here is my inspiration}. I will be using some pieces I already own mixed with some new pieces and some practical pieces {it does have to be functional after all}. So far there is a lot of white, which will be nice to highlight some more colorful accessories and textiles. Especially since a lot of my clothing will have to be out on rolling racks. I also plan on making an inspiration board to hang magazine clippings, graphics and whatever else is making me smile, so that is sure to add color...
1. Zig Zag Rug $69
Remember this beauty I blogged about last week? Well it already arrived and I am madly in love.
This pendant is whimsical and fun and lets face it, the price is right.
3. Parsons Desk $299
I already own this desk and I love it. I will be moving it from it's current home in the kitchen.
4. Kassett Box $5.99 for 2
I love the idea of getting a bunch of these to hide papers and accessories. They also fit perfectly in #6.
I have a few of these chairs with arms around my dinning table, so the armless version would fit right in. I might throw a sheepskin on top to make it extra comfy for long hours in front of the computer.
I might have to get two of these to store books, shoes and whatever trinkets I want to display.
This is not my ideal, but I already have something very similar in my garage. We want to be able to have guests come and stay, so this little pull out couch will be just the thing.
This lamp comes in so many fun colors. The room is looking a little too white on white so a pop of color like this is very needed.
I collect vintage matchbooks because I am constantly inspired by the colors and graphics. I just purchased a few without the matches inside to hang on my wall.
This chair reminds me of my high school days, but a tad more grown up in cognac leather.