Who: Kerry Carney, Actor/Writer/Professional Matchmaker
Where: Eastside and Midcity
When: Saturday

1. Village Bakery. My ideal, sweetest day would start off where I live in beautiful Atwater Village on a sunny, Saturday morning.  My boyfriend Joel and I would get up and walk a few blocks to our favorite breakfast spot, Village Bakery.  It is never too crowded, and the vibe is warm and friendly.  We always order the same thing, The Atwater Special, there is never a need to try anything else. It is an amazing concoction of eggs, mashed potato and bacon served a fried cheese crisp thingy that is absolute heaven!! After that we would walk off breakfast with a stroll through the hood for an hour or so, probably cutting along the LA river, and ending up back home to shower and start the day.

2. Playclothes. Once refreshed, we would probably part ways for a bit so I could do some vintage shopping.  My favorite store is Playclothes in the Valley.  You can really get lost in there, and the staff doesn't care if you hang our for ten minutes or three hours.  The store is huge, and they have clothes, accessories and home goods, so it is easy to spend an hour or two looking for a find.  I happen to know the costume designers from Mad Men rely on this place as a go to favorite.  It is easy to see why.

3. Jetrag and Jessie's House. Although they are far apart, I can't hit Playclothes without also going to Jetrag.  I have the BEST luck here, and there vintage is so affordable.  I usually have to get creative and have their stuff altered, but I always walk out of there with something great.  I would take the scenic route, over Laurel Canyon to get there.  I have loved that drive since I first moved to LA.  I feel like a Bond Girl/Racecar driver every time I take it...even if I am in my little Hyundai:)After JetRag, I would probably swing by my friend Jessie's house (you may have heard of her).  She is just around the corner and I like to pop in when I can and have a cold beer on her delightful little porch and catch up on life.

4. The Gorbals. After that, home to change into whatever I bought that day (hopefully nothing needed to be hemmed) and spruce up for the evening.  Making sure my heels aren't too high, we would park near the Vermont Subway stop, meet some friends and take the subway into Downtown for dinner.  Our favorite spot of late is The Gorbels.  The food is delicious, the drinks are amazing, and it is located in this really cool, old hotel.  I DO NOT recommend the pig face.  Go with your instincts, nobody should eat faces.  It is not surprisingly good, it is, expectantly terrible.  Just a heads up for the adventurous. 

5. Bar 1642. We would head back towards home, stopping in at Bar1642 for a glass of wine and some good conversation.  This place is a little hole in the wall on the eastside that has delicious wine and microbrews, a great atmosphere, and is reasonably priced.  I had my birthday here this year, and it is quickly becoming our favorite neighborhood spot.

{photo of kerry by erin gibson, playclothes, my porch by me, the gorbals}