Who: Aviva Farber, Actress/Artist and Mom to St. Bernard Oscar
Where: NoHo and Hollywood
When: Saturday

1. Hike Fryman CanyonI've got to get my hit of nature in the city. This is a great hike because there is parking, shaded areas with lots of vegetation, multiple paths, scenic views, and it's dog friendly.  It's not unusual to run into really famous people who stop to pet your dog 

2. Fruit picking at Sky Meadow Farms. This pick your own fruit farm is so sweet. It's owned and run by an elderly couple who will talk your ear off if you have the time. It's the perfect place to take a loved one/best friend. Bring a camera! I like to pick a bucket of whatever is in season and then bake pies at home.  They make great gifts and if people are trying to eat healthy so does the left over fruit.

3. Lunch at Sweet Salt. This lil' sandwich shop is yummy. You may recognize the owner from "Top Chef". He's created a delicious menu with daily specials as well.  My man's favorite is the bacon- marshmallow- peanut butter- chocolate sandwich. There's almost always a vegan soup. Make sure to save room for dessert!  Seating is limited so be prepared to join other foodies at the community table.

4. Iliad Bookshop. I could spend hours and hours in this used bookstore. The staff can answer just about any question on literature you can come up with.  You can also sell/trade them your used books. It's the Amoeba Music of bookstores. They stay open late and are located right next to the Chandler bike path.

5. Cinespia. Movie screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This is such a unique experience for anyone new to Los Angeles. Pack a picnic, you can bring booze, and there's a Dj afterwards. This weekend is Hitchcock's Vertigo. The place can get packed so show up early and mingle. It's a cool way to meet new people. It's always a different crowd depending on the movie.

{photo of aviva by ken baumann, books, apple}