I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day in style like these lovely ladies! I'll be sippin' on a margarita and BBQ'ing with some friends. Just what I need after a busy weekend of moving the boyfriend in, painting and organizing. We are both excited about our new life living together, but like anytime you move it can be stressful and moving him in was no exception. This weekend was not my favorite. 

I realized a few things: 

1. you should always prime before you paint white over blue {learned this to late}

2. I have way too many clothes {half of which don't even fit and are from four years ago or more}

3. I need to have a garage sale immediately

4. I have an amazing boyfriend who brings me scoops ice cream when I  am stressed and tired

5. #4 makes up for everything else.

Happy Memorial Day! xx

{photo via glamour daze}