I do apologize, 'cause I've got office on the brain. James and I are three weeks away from moving in and I feel completely unready. There is so much I want to accomplish before he moves in, like clean out the garage, sell things on craigslist, re-paint certain rooms, buy furniture for my office/dressing room, buy matching hangers {hey, if my clothes are going to be out on display, they better look good}. Most people get to move somewhere new together, but since James is moving in with me, I wanted it to still feel new to us. 
The past month has been insanely busy, which means house stuff has not been on the top of my priority list. Ah well, at least I am busy doing things that make me insanely happy {ie. blogging, workin' on branding projects, photoshoots and glitter guide}. Since I've been so hard at work, and I am getting ready to have my very own office, I've been on the hunt for chic office furniture that doesn't cost a zillion dollars. Well guess what? I think I found some, and it's all under $300... 
One. Vika Amon Desk $99.99 + Ripple Office Chair $299
Two. Industrial Steel Chair $129 + Pratt Desk $224.99
Three. Besta Burs Desk $249 + Macau Armchair $279
Four. Eames Chair $229 + Sawhorse Desk $249.99
Five. Go-Cart Desk $149 + Louis Chair $299