Who: Lauren Siebert, TV Talent Booker and Producer/Lover of all things pop culture and pop music
Where: Here and There
When: Sunday

1.  The Hollywood Hills. I wake up and take a drive up into the hollywood hills to see my favorite view of the city and my "future house" up in the Doheny Estates. I like to keep my eye on the prize.

2. Massage at Westfield Century City. I head to the Century City mall and get a 30 minute for $30 massage by Kevin, my favorite masseuse. Kevin and his masseuses are set up right below the movie theater. It is the greatest massage I have ever had, time and time again. It truly is life changing.

3. The Beach. After feeling relaxed, renewed and ready to take on the day,  a group of friends and I head up the PCH. We stop to pick up sandwiches, snacks and cocktails from The Country Kitchen and The Country Liquor Store and then off to the beach. There is a beach entrance by Carbon Canyon that looks private, but it is available to the public. It's a narrow path between two stunning beach houses. That particular beach is so clean and I usually only see a couple of other people there. I love the breath taking view of the coast line and the dream homes that line the beach.  There is something about the view, breeze and fresh air that makes me love being here and taking a break from my neighborhood of West Hollywood for the afternoon.

4. Dinner at The Reel Inn. After the sun starts to set we head back down the PCH and have dinner at The Reel Inn.  The Reel Inn is a great place for fresh seafood, pitchers of beer, and no one minds you walking in sandy from the beach. They have picnic tables large enough to fit our whole group.

5. Drinks at The Woods. After everyone gets ready for the night, we all meet at The Woods to finish off our sweet day. I love the dim lit atmosphere, wood trimmings and it happens to be right around the corner from my apartment. It is small, but not too small and I have such cherished memories from there. And what's better than creating lasting memories with amazing friends.

{dream house photo by lauren, beach umbrella