Who: Kristina Gould Duncan, Creative Director for Barbie/Mother of newborn Arlo James
Where: The Westside
When: Saturday

1. Palisades Park. Because I work crazy work weeks, my favorite day is definitely SATURDAY. My husband and I live in Santa Monica and start the day with a nice long walk along Palisades Park overlooking the ocean. Both of us grew up in New England, so the novelty of walking along the Pacific in the early morning sun with a big cup of tea never seems to get old!

2. Santa Monica Farmer's Market. On Saturday mornings we change up our route to walk up Arizona Ave so we can peruse the Santa Monica Farmers Market. One of my favorite things to make is big salads with fresh veggies and herbs, so stocking up on local greens from the Coleman Farms’ stand is a must. It’s a great opportunity to strike up conversations with the vegetable vendors and learn new and interesting ways to prepare their veggies. We also love to buy local honey, dates, and olives here.

3. The Malibu Kitchen and the Beach. Once home and unpacked, we love to drive up the coast for a day outdoors in the sunshine. With a quick stop at the Malibu Country Mart to get a picnic lunch from The Malibu Kitchen (we both usually set out to get something healthy, but both walk out with the pulled pork sandwich – it’s just toooo good!), we head to our favorite beach, El Matador. It’s just north enough from the city that it’s rarely crowded, and it feels like a real escape. It has gorgeous rocks to look at and nice long stretches for walking

4. Dinner and a Movie. At night, I love love love to go to the movies. Not only do I try to support our favorite local Santa Monica theater, the Laemmle on Santa Monica and 2nd, they always have something interesting playing. It’s also one short block away from the Blue Plate Oysterette. A tall glass of white wine, a half dozen oysters, a lobster roll and a slice of key lime pie to split is our typical order!  It’s great to sit outside on the patio at sunset with a big cozy sweater and then walk over to the movies to top off a perfect day on the west side of LA.

{photo of kristy by catharine anderson, berries, figs, projector}