Earth day is around the corner and growing up in Ojai, it was always an important celebration. We would plant trees at school and learn about ways to be kind to our dear earth. Between my hippie school and a mother who insisted we be an eco conscience family, I try to be as thoughtful as I can. You don't have to start composting or anything, but there are little ways you can do your part. One major thing I do and the easiest is ALWAYS use reusable bags. I have a a Baggu I keep in my purse for impromptu buys and I a few One Bag at a Time grocery bags in my car. At first it was hard to remember to bring the reusable grocery bags in with me, but force yourself, it is just habit and now I rarely forget. Another way to do your part is to buy eco friendly housewares and products. Here are a few sure to make you swoon...

3. Baggu Bag $8
6. Heath Aqua Glass $19 for 2
9. Naya Tova Sandals $140

*yes that is me modeling on the one bag at a time website. my dad took the photos.