Have you looked through TradHome Magazine yet? It took me a couple days to get through the whole 347 pages of beautiful spaces. One thing is for sure, it will change the way you think about traditional deign. I couldn't help but notice how the designers styled the vignettes in each home. I love creating my own vignettes whether it's on my mantel, coffee table or console table. They tell people a little bit about who you are, and isn't that what your home should do, reflect you? I thought I would write out a few tips on how to display your favorite belongings in your own home...

How to create a vignette

1. Vary the height, size and texture of items.

2. Don't be afraid to mix eras. I love the way modern pieces look mixed with antiques.

3. Display taller items in back with smaller items in the front.

4. Add a little bit of nature. Always add a plant or flowers, it gives your vignette life.

5. Display pieces that mean something to you. Things that you have collected in your travels, sentimental items or even jewelry.

6. Utilize your book collection. Make sure to mix small and large books in with your objects, or create height by placing objects on top.

{photos via TradHome}