The bake sale for Japan was a huge success! We practically sold everything and there was A LOT. Drum roll please...we made a total of $2,369 {including a couple donations}. Half will be going to The Red Cross Japan Relief Fund and the other half to Shelterbox

It was so fun to be together and reach out to the community. My fleur de sel caramels were a hit if I do say so myself. I even bought back a bag for myself as well as one of the adorable terrarium donated by Lauren's neighbor. Everyone's baked goods and sweets were out of this world delicious. I was also so impressed by the packaging. Everyone really made their treats look special. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and donated or supported the sale. Thank you to Lauren, Lilly, Kate, Owen, Marwa and Lizzette for making it a day to remember! Make sure to check out Lauren's blog and Lilly's blog for more photos...     

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