Who: Lilly McDowell-Walton, Actress/Owner of Nell's Compass Candles, and as of this week blogger
Where: Venice
When: Friday

1. Hike. I am a big fan of hiking but I am so fair and can't be in bright sun, so early morning hikes are my favorite. I drive up the coast 10 minutes to Paseo Miramar (off Sunset), continue up the road 1 mile until it dead ends.  The views are instantly spectacular; on a clear day you can see for miles and miles up and down the coast. It's a steady incline, and to the mesa outlook and back it takes about 1 1/2-2 hours. It definitely gets my heart pumping!

2. Gjelina. After a stop at home to shower, I head to Gjelina where every Friday at 1pm I meet up with a close group of friends (aka my Venice family) for a long lingering lunch.  My husband and I look forward to this all week! We kick off the weekend with good food, good friends and lots of laughs. I've been loving the kale salad and we usually split some pizzas (I love the blanco and mushroom w/ truffle oil).

3. Nell's Compass. After lunch I walk down the street to my office on Milwood Ave. I own a candle company called Nell's Compass, so my daily tasks include catching up on emails, shipping orders, contacting potential buyers, and as of this week-blogging

4. Hotel Erwin. Next I'll ride my bike over to Hotel Erwin where you get a 360 degree view of Venice on their rooftop bar. It is a great place to enjoy a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. It can get chilly up there but they provide heat lamps and blankets to keep you cozy.  I just discovered this place and I can't wait to go back.

5. Taco Truck. On my ride home I'd stop at my favorite old school taco truck La Oaxaqueña, on the Southwest corner of Rose and Lincoln. You can't beat a $6.00 dinner and their tacos always hit the spot.  After a long hike and a great day of eating and drinking with friends, it's time to take a bath and turn in. My day was as sweet as could be!

*** I am such a fan of Lilly's candles. People always comment on how amazing my house smells and it's all to do with Nell's Compass. Plus for every candle sold, they send $2 to Heifer International which is a phenomenal charity. Love that! Lilly just started the Nell's Compass blog this week and I couldn't be more excited.  She has the sweetest taste, so it's sure to be a favorite!

{photo of lilly by christine daley, paseo miramar photo}