I've got some exciting news...this June the boyfriend is officially moving in! I couldn't be happier to share my beautiful home with him, but it's going to take a little getting used to for these reasons...

1. He is not quite as tidy as I am 
2. Sometimes our taste REALLY differs 
3. I have to make the house I have lived for five years a bit more guy friendly

In some ways I am thrilled to rethink my style and rearrange. You get stuck sometimes, in a certain "look" and change just doesn't occur to you or seems daunting. I am excited to have an excuse to get rid of some things. I am pretty sure I have drawers filled stuff that hasn't moved in five years. On the other hand, it is the end of an era. I have never lived with a guy before.

We have plans to paint a few rooms, change out some furnishings and combine our artwork. I do look forward to making it "ours." The best part {other than living with my love} is that I get to turn the extra bedroom into my office/dressing room. Yeah, pinch me. Having a designated place to work and get ready in the morning will mean so much to me. All kinds of ideas are spinning though my head. Here is what the room looks like now...

My design inspiration...

melanie acevedo/decor8/rue

I'll make sure to update you with photos as things start to change around here. I am warning you I might go a little office pinning crazy the next few weeks.