It's that time of year again! I like to get a head start on holiday decor and gift wrap. Yes I am a Virgo! I love lighting a fire in my fireplace, drinking some hot tea, turning on the x-mas tunes and decorating the house. Every year I like to have a new gift wrap theme, with different colors and ribbons. Putting a little extra thought in to your wrapping makes such a difference. There is an endless amount of stylish holiday decor and wrapping out there, here are some of my favorites...

8. 18 inch Tree $14

11. Novelty Nutcrackers $24-59 (50% of sales go to St. Jude)
12. Tree Topper $19
14. Peacock Menorah $120
19. Christmas Crackers $15.59
21. Baker's Twine $7.95