Well, we're off again...the boyfriend and I are headed to Santa Cruz, CA. for a wedding. I have only ever driven through Santa Cruz, so this should be fun for me. I have a feeling my camera wont be leaving my arm.

I think it's pretty clear by now I have a thing for maps. Like here, and here...
 Hmm, maybe it's all the traveling of late.
 I've been eying this adorable vintage paint by numbers in the shape of America (since it combines two of my favorite things, for example here)...


I think this could make a fabulous DIY (minus the $60 price tag)...

What you'll need:
2. Sharp Scissors, 3. Map of America Cut Out 

  • Print out a map of America on your computer and cut it out
  •  Place the cut-out over the paint-by-numbers
  • Draw a line with a sharpie around the cut out
  • Remove the cut out and start cutting around the sharpied line

and voila'

Something like this...

I think I have to try this out for my self! I'll let you know how it turns out.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! xx